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[Article] Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

*This review contains spoilers, but who cares? We all know what’s going to happened!*

Usually, I prefer the Paramount era of Friday the 13th because we have everything from pure thrilling to pure stupidity. But, of all 8 movies, there’s one movie that stands really dominant and it’s my most favorite film in the whole franchise. It’s Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.


Are you kidding me?

No! In terms of quality, I prefer the 1st, 4th, and 6th films. These films are thrilling and give us haunting atmosphere. The original Friday the 13th is a classic because of the theme music, special effects,  and the POV shot. This technique raises the suspense of audiences because they have no idea who the killer is and he/she may attack any characters anytime and anyplace. Plus, who can forget the shocking ending in which little Jason grabs the last survivor from the water? It kicks ass! Then, the 4th movie is called “The Final Chapter”, so we have a big grand finale here. The film is still haunting, the death scenes are still terrific, and there are new topic discussed here: the side effect of gory movies/video game to children…because *DO I EVEN NEED TO PUT SPOILER ALERT HERE? EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!”* a guy who kills Jason is just a kid who loves horror movie. It’s the film that totally worth watching. And Part 6? It’s a good tongue-in-cheek film that goes back to it roots. Only few characters do things that deserve to be killed (sex,drugs,pranks, and alcohol), so we have no idea who’s going to be the next victim.

Wait, why do I talk about other films? I suppose to talk about Part7.

The plot

At Crystal Lake, a young girl named Tina accidentally used her telekinetic power and unintentionally killed her own dad. Ten years later, Tina still regrets about what she did, so she return to the same place again with her mom and a doctor. Unfortunately, while she tries to use her power to resurrect her father, she accidentally resurrect Jason Voorhees. Then, Jason harms everyone from teenagers nearby to Tina herself. Will Tina survive an angry killer?

Yeah, everybody knows about the end. That means the plot is not an important factor here, so let’s get on with….


The fight (a.k.a. Carrie vs. Jason)

Sure, it may look like a slapstick comedy bit, but the final battle between Tina and Jason is totally awesome. It blows me away because, here, we have a girl with psychic power versus a killer that’s so strong and indestructible.  It gives us a different taste than previous flick in which a final girl has to fight Jason with various sharp weapons, then run away, then fight with another weapons…etc. Here, we have a girl who brave enough to stand still and fights Jason in a way that definitely worth watching. Plus, in the end, a character that kills Jason is not Tina. It’s her dad. That’s right! In the end, Tina finally resurrects her own father. Then, her dad grabs Jason legs and pull him under the water. This leads us to another topic here…

The attitude

This film is not a serious horror film like the very first ones, but more like a film that you can enjoy watching along with your friends. Most of characters in this film, especially teenagers that live nearby Tina’s place to celebrate someone’s birthday, do anything to make sure they will get killed. So if you’re expecting this one to be “Who’s going to be the next victim?” type of horror…you’re in the wrong one. But if you want a horror movie that makes you scream “Kill him! Kill him! (the killer kills victim) Hoorayyyy!” This is the one you’ve been waiting for.

For example, there’s a scene in which a couple stay in the forest. A guy tries to kiss a girl, but the girl refuses and says “We need wood. It’s gonna be a cold night tonight” (a.k.a. I’m gonna f*ck you in the tent after you find a wood). After that, Jason kills a guy and slowly walks to the tent. The girl thinks that Jason is a guy so she says one of the most hilarious line in this film

Okay, you big hunk of a man. Come and get me!

And then Jason kills her in a really memorable and funny way…what could go wrong with Kane Hodder as Jason?


The teenagers

The teenagers that live near Tina’s place just waiting to celebrate someone’s birthday. I’m not going into detail because that guy get killed at 20 minutes in of this film. So let’s talk about teenagers here.

We have almost every stereotype we can imagine. A hot girl, a bitch, a nerd guy, a black couple, and, of course, a “hero” in this film. Of course, their acting is B-movie standard. But, basically, they do anything just to make sure they’ll get killed. They have sex (3-4 couples having sex in this film…which is higher than most of franchise), some women show us their breasts, and some characters say the most dangerous line in Slasher film genre: “I’ll be back”. They all die in the end, of course. But they give us a good time here.


Although lots of elements in this film are basically shot-by-shot remake of Friday the 13th Part IV (Hell, there’s a few scenes in which they use SAME footage), this film is really entertaining. It’s about the whole attitude of “let’s have some fun”, the the scary attitude like previous flicks. If you get the intention of this film, I guarantee you gonna love it.


Thumbs up!


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