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Earth is a 3D Planet

Want something simple to take your mind off things? Remember when games had no story, it was simply about the experience? Now, have you ever wondered what it would be like if J.J. Abrams remade “Asteroids”? Ok, maybe that last one was a bit too specific, but you will understand after you observe the gameplay footage.

As far as I can tell, Earth in this game is NOT actually a 3D planet…nore do you really even see it outside the title screen, so just ignore the title and chalk it up to being “zany”. There is no story line, no save option, no levels….just blasting objects rendered in glorious glowing lines. It’s very Vector-ey minus the “Abrams-Style” explosions. There are power up’s if you can survive long enough to not only find one during blasting objects, but can actually navigate to it without running into something. I’ve gotten shields more than a few times, but I have seen other power up, I just have not been able to survive getting to it.

Earth is a 3D Planet  Wide 1

I am sure by now you have noticed I am referring to “survival” a lot, well, it’s all about how long you can survive…to the second ( hell, I cannot seem to last linger than 24-25 seconds at a time myself) . When you die , it will tell you how long you survived, and everything achieved up to that moment. This keeps you strangely going back, yes with a little frustration, but also with a bit more vigor each life used, in an attempt to get a longer time.

Earth is a 3D Planet 8

Options, are not the usual kind of user-friendly, as you have to input everything into an .ini file, which is really not that hard, but it may frustrate the casual gamer who is used to pulling up the options in-game ( just read the instructions). This is also a square ratio game, as most vintage style games are, so remember that if you set your resolution on a widescreen monitor, and thing seem a little stretch horizontally . Oh, and if i WAS to say one thing about this game I do not like, it is that your mouse hovers over the screen at all times, and I do not mean an in-game mouse pointer, I mean your Windows mouse pointer. Also, unless my controllers simply are not being picked up by the game, there is no controller support.

Earth is a 3D Planet Wide 2

Well, not much else to say for this sort of game, it’s simple, with a classical feel , and addictive gameplay, and as always, it is completely Free and Legit!!

Get the game Here!!

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