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Halo – Gallant Belle & Gallant Girl

We return to a franchise that has again gotten the retro treatment, a treatment that comes in two distinct tasting flavors. Halo – Gallant Belle & Gallant Girl gives us a look at what it would have been like if the Halo franchise existed in the Game Boy and Game Gear era by giving us a choice in either a GB or GG “styled” version. It is a platformer with gun power-ups, grenades, as well as several levels worth of enemies and bosses, and it is certainly worth your time.

Only the first half of this video is about Halo – Gallant Belle & Gallant Girl. Usually I try to stay away from footage that involves people talking to the audience… OR footage from other games, but given 2-Bit Games are the actual game creators, and this is the best footage I could find for this game, I will let it slide this time.

Halo is a relatively new franchise in the gaming world, having only begun with the release of the first Xbox console at the beginning of the 2000s, so I am always tickled when I see a game like this, because it is a sort of “What-if Universe”. What if the Halo franchise existed in the late 80s to early 90s? A concept that we first looked at here on F&LG with an earlier article about Halo – Zero.
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Each version has an opening screen distinct to the handheld systems they are trying to portray as well as fitting color palette styles and screenlines. The graphics are obviously pretty simple, but I find it reasonably charming in both versions, and perfectly fits the esthetic the author was going for. I also find that even though this is a pretty low resolution game (evident by the tiny default windowed mode, just before you hit F4 to fullscreen it), the pixel lines are nice and soft once you fullscreen it, so I am assuming it has some sort of auto filter, which is neat and self contained.

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The controls are certainly nicer than either of those handheld consoles. Jump has good control, and buttons seem generally responsive. Of course I am saying this because 2-bit games took the time to give both versions controller support! Controller support by itself is something I feel that is SEVERLY overlooked in indie or fan made games, and how often I have had to use Xpadder lately is evidence of that.

Screenshot - 9_2_2013 , 3_53_32 PM

The Music, for what it is, is not bad. I really cannot say too much on it I guess, as it was made to sound like it was coming from archaic handheld hardware. It is certainly a melodic collection of bloops and bleeps, but that is about as far as I can critique it for good or for bad. Again, it DOES perfectly fit the esthetic.

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We all get in the mood to play something from times long past , and this being from a reality that never actually existed on top of that, makes it a neat little gem from the far reaches of the interwebz. If you don’t feel that way, It’s because you are under 20, and probably listen to Kanye West, so I don’t give a ratshit what you think. But lets just assume you might be open minded to it, to be on the positive side. It is a game certainly worth your time if you ever got enjoyment from playing either Game Boy or Game Gear games, and after all, It is completely Free & Legit.

Screenshot - 9_2_2013 , 5_02_07 PM

Get both versions of the game from either the 2-Bit Games page here :

Or directly from the Download Link Here :

Halo GB Case Cover Halo - GG Case Cover

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