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MegaMan Unlimited

Megaman is one of the biggest icons to come out the video game industry, entertaining gamers  of all ages for several decades. So obviously he gets a crap load of fan games, This one in  particular apparently took five years to create…And damned if it does not feel like a game I could  have played between 1987-1990 (minus a few modern additions), and just like Megaman games  I played in that era, it is kicking my fuckin’ ass. But that is not all a bad thing.

Although I do enjoy 8-bit era Megaman, I was not very good at it. Either it’s just not in my gaming skill set, or I am too lazy to develop a skill set for it. I usually only get so far before I simply decide I cannot go any further, or pass the controller. I would even say the Megaman games are what helped me enjoy having a friend around to pass the controller to…yea, I’m REALLY wishing I could pass the controller to someone, because this game is kicking me in the balls….Again, not a bad thing.

wide shot 2

The look of this game is fantastic. Many stages use a good bit of animation and moving color, and of course perfectly fit the theme of each character. Glue man has platforms that don’t allow you to run, and you have to jump to move forward (yes, they are covered in glue). Enemies also fit each Robot theme well, from Jet Man’s different classes of bomber jets firing different missle or bomb types, to Rainbow Man’s leprechaun robots that pop out of a pot of gold while throwing coins…..coins of DEATH. Also Trinitro Man (Or just Nitro Man, I’ve seen concept art saying both) has platforms that FUCKING EXPLODE a second after  you land on them, and they crack. Did I mention this game was hard?

Screenshot - 7_21_2013 , 9_32_35 PM

The music is absolutely awesome, and can get stuck in your head after a few plays of the same level. If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say Nitro man. I’m sure it is because I was stuck there long enough to drill into my head. So there you go.
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The controls feel smooth, and it is easy to set up your controller with in-game options. Video  Options allow you to select between several window sizes or fullscreen, as well as a few filters  to help make the hard pixel edges a bit softer oh high resolution monitors. A Save/Load option  is also given, which you would think could help me get through this game a bit easier as  opposed to the days before saves…
But no..I suck.

wide shot 1
I’m pretty sure I was too slow here, because I have no idea what else I can do other than actually beat the laser before it shoots.

Do you have skills? They do not necessarily have to pay bills, but it helps to have them. And I would like to hear the opinion of a Megaman with said skills. Do they think it’s too hard? Is there something that you did not enjoy about the game? I feel like I really could not give this game a full review because this game just kicked my ass….but at the same time, it feels like a Megaman game that could have kicked my ass as a kid too. So , at least to me, it feels like a decent Megaman game.However, because I cannot remember beating any of the 8-bit era Megaman games, I might be the wrong person to make that judgement. Despite my lack classic Megaman prowess, this game deserved to get mentioned, and as always, is totally Free & Legit.

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