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Midnight Tease


“Is this what you came here for? You wanna see me naked?”

Club Fugazi is your typical flesh joint complete with the ass hole male suffering from SPS (Small Penis Syndrome) and colorful acts on a small stage while helpless dancer’s throats are being slit by a mysterious figure.

We live in a society where some films are just sooooo terrible, I wish I could give them a two word review, much like the nasty review in Spinal Tap, “Shit Sandwich!” That would be arbitrary and this dusty soft-core stripper-thriller does have a couple of things going for it other than being a complete rip-off of Katt Shea’s STRIPPED TO KILL. So lets get this over with. The film doesn’t waste any time as it immediately opens with a stampede of naked women thrusting up and down a stage with “Welcome to the Dark Side” as their background music which was also used in NAKED OBSESSION starring Maria Ford. The impression that Midnight Tease appropriated all of their material is strong. It’s too bad they couldn’t have borrowed some decent actors. The unpleasant ‘acting’ is so offbeat, it nearly made my head explode. If you are hoping to see bouncing breasts and bouncing breasts alone then for the love of God, keep it on mute! I once stated that another film had actors where I had seen better acting from the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. I stand corrected. This is the worst. Tracking back to the film’s conventional kickoff, I wonder how much they paid these girls? Of all the strip club slashers I have seen, there are many, I have never seen this many naked bodies frolicking around. I counted 120 breasts all together.

The plot is over-the-top and overused. The killer’s motives are never explored. This chick named Samantha (Lisa Boyle) was molested by her father who eventually killed himself and she’s tormented by her checkered past in her dreams where she always appears topless for no reason and she slits his throat. Suddenly, her dreams become more vivid as she dreams of killing her fellow dancers with the same knife. She wakes up in bizarre places which leads us to believe she is the prime suspect. Wait a minute Sally, we have several other suspects. Is it her brazen therapist that makes all the right moves? Could it be the new girl Amy behind the bar who is also Samantha’s new room mate? Or is it the obnoxious date rapist of a manager JJ? It’s your usual ‘who-done-it’ mystery. However, you will not have any trouble cracking that code within the first 25 minutes. The names Samantha and Amy are such common white girl names. What happened to the names “Isis” and “Bambi?”

To no surprise, the regurgitated dialogue brings unintentional comedy, “You know what happens to prick teases? They have to die, don’t they?” The manager JJ and new girl Amy get the pleasure of stealing all the good dialogue. My personal favorite being JJ holding his small cock while he tells Amy, “I should call your truant officer!” Wait….. What?


On he whole, the dance routines and costuming are entertaining and memorable. This is an issue the hybrid-genre fails to impress. One dresses up as a cop to please the crowd of officers staking out the establishment. She even handcuffs the fat bastard to the pole. There’s a spunky bride and domineering groom sequence as well. The soundtrack is your emblematic spank bank background music with the exception of the opening theme “Welcome to the Darkside” stolen from the superior Naked Obsession, I mentioned this earlier. These girls don’t have anything on Maria Ford. There is no character development aside from our lead ‘burlesque artist.’ The characters peel back the layers of their clothing but never strip down to their true selves and there are so many factors that do not make a lick of sense. There’s a scene in particular that made me feel mighty uncomfortable. Lisa Boyle dresses as a school girl for her routine with flash backs of her father molesting her as a constant interruption. Yea, that’s not disturbing. Also, they make cracks that this new girl, Amy, isn’t old enough to drink when the actress is clearly in her late 20s or early 30s. Hey, it’s a movie with topless women being murdered! Were you expecting Oscar winning performances and quality script writing?

That was painful. The question is, will I ever revisit Midnight Tease? Better yet, will I visit the sequel and write about it here on Geek Juice? The chances are one and a million. Stripped to Kill has my heart and the rest are merely copycats. It’s downright plagiarism.


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