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South Park review #03: The Cissy

Another episode of South Park is right here. And what can I tell ya?


The plot
This episode has a running theme about LGBT and sexual preference. Cartman claims that he’s a transgender so he can use woman’s toilet. He calls everyone who’s against him as Cisgender and cissy. This kind of behavior upsets other people so much that Principal Victoria builds another toilet room for transgenders…and Wendy reveals herself to be lesbian (!?!?!?).

Meanwhile, remember the end of last episode in which Randy dresses as Lorde and sings on stage? Well, we discover some secret about that stuff in this episode….


My opinion
Well, it’s not memorable for sure, but this is the first episode in this season that tackles generic social issues, not pop culture or trends around the time. This time, South Park guys show us problem about building another restroom for LGBT and how they should live together with straight people. Also, Sharon gives a motivational speech in this episode. She teaches us to be ourselves and don’t care any negative comments. It’s a pretty good speech in this season so far. Plus, there’s an unconventional cliffhanger in the end. I’m not sure they gonna reaveal anything or not. And what I hate about this episode? They should focus more on Randy, not Cartman. Okay, we may have to find out about him in the next episode, but Randy is the one who steal the show. Plus, Cartman’s character is kinda predictable and not as funny as what he used to be.

Overall, it’s bland. But hey…since this season of South Park is somehow serial, we have to find out about their life in the next episode. Then, what about this bland generic episode? It’s not that bad, but it should have been better than this. I’m sorry, I think I have to give…

Thumbs Down.

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  • TriptychAlessandro
    October 9, 2014 at 5:27 am

    I think my favourite episode of South Park dealing with gender issues was the metrosexual one. “We’re here! We’re not queer! But we’re close!”

    • st42nwpt
      October 9, 2014 at 11:09 am

      for whatever reason, I think I’ve seen Cartman does something like this (episode) before, so I think it’s pretty bland.

      BTW, thanks for reading my article!

  • James
    October 9, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    The Cartman stuff is meh but the whole thing with Randy was great. I kind of like how all the episodes are continuity based now.

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