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Movies For the Week of April 25th, 2014

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The Other Woman


other womenMike White: Cameron Diaz stars in a remake of John Tucker Must Die. The end.

Glenn Criddle: I’d be all set to absolutely hate this but frankly I think this will be passable. It’s a bit vanilla and predictable maybe but seems to stop short of being offensively bad. All things considered I could probably sit through this without wanting to choke myself with the popcorn bag and I think there may be a few genuine laughs along the way. I am doing what I always do with comedies of this kind though and wandering what it’d look like in its polarized version with men in the roles of women and so on. I think that would be an uncomfortable film to say the least.

Alex Jowski: This feels like a Tyler Perry movie that happens to have white women in it.  It’s also incredibly hypocritical.  The first scene in the movie establishes that Cameron Diaz’s character likes to have sex with bunches of men.  There’s even a joke about how she dated and slept with some whole sports team.  We’re supposed to laugh and accept this as the norm.  “Casual Sex!  It’s fun!”  But when she discovers that Jaime Lannister is married and having loads of casual sex with women – it’s jihad time!  Because it’s all right for women to lie and manipulate and fill their vaginas with so much dick it looks like.. like… well it looks like this:


But when a MAN starts enjoying casual sex with a variety of partners that’s just WRONG.

Martha Page: You know why John Tucker Must Die worked and this movie doesn’t?  Because John Tucker was about high school kids, and teenagers do a lot of stupid shit.  Adults are better than that.  Every woman I’ve known when they found out their man was cheating on them, they left him and then moved on with their life because they’re adults.  The women in this movie are just stupid and I’ll have none of it.

mister X: i wanted to like this trailer
i REALLY find leslie mann funny, i used to find cameron diaz funny and kate upton shows promise as a return to that kinda-unPC ‘dumb blonde’…BUT:


  • there are many hints in this trailer that it’s gonna get dumb n’ crass real fast
  • nicki minaj (sp? i refuse to look it up) is a ‘rapper’ whose blatantantly cold, calculated and bottom-feeding career ethic encapsulates the main reason i have kinda drifted out of luv with hip-hop…plus, she looks like lil kim did when she was made-up to look like a human fukdoll

Jillian Zurawski: I’m not big on chick flicks. I do like some, but now a days the majority of chick flicks released look annoyingly stupid. I’ll say, I would give this a shot. All the people seem pretty “real” vs the crazy types/schtick like in “Bridesmaids”. Yes, there is a “dumb” type, but she’s not inhuman cartoonishly stereotypical “dumb”. -At least from the trailer anyway. The movie might end up being one those not good, but not bad types, but I don’t necessarily mind those to where I’d tell people “OMG DON’T SEE THAT!” It kind of reminds me of the movie “9 to 5”, only it’s relationship based instead of a womanizing boss. Looks like it could be decent, but could easily go “out there” and too over the top with stupid schtick perhaps not shown here in the trailer.

9 to 5

Justin Widerski: I’ve got this sneaking suspicion I’m not the target audience for this movie, mainly because I’m not a 25-40 year old woman. Not that I need to see the movie anymore because this trailer shows about 66% of the movie and anything of the third act we haven’t seen can be easily deduced. I’m not sure why, because our male is a total asshole and scumbag who commits white collar crime, but I feel slightly sorry for this guy. I mean 3+ women gunning for him, getting him thrown in jail and humiliated, not to mention giving him hormones that can actually mess up his body if not handled properly. I don’t know this feels just a step or two away from “Hard Candy” levels of sadistic revenge. Ignoring any discussion of representations of women, this film is just silly escapism for the ladies and a gallery of hot women to entertain whatever poor men get dragged along with them.

Charley McMullen: No thanks.  Husband cheats on wife, wife and other woman meet, they inexplicably become friends.  It didn’t work for The First Wives Club, and that had fucking Goldie Hawn.  Cameron Diaz is no Goldie Hawn, nor is she someone who could make this anything other than another fucking Cameron Diaz movie.  This is vapid and superficial and insulting to the intelligence of women everywhere.

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