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Movies for the Week of August 1st, 2014

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Guardians of the Galaxy

[su_youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”320″] Satyajit Ray[/su_youtube]

Alex Jowski: These is a raccoon firing a machine gun. ‘Nuff said. I’m watching this.

Caroline Madden: I hear it’s been getting great reviews, and people are really hyped for it. I love the music in the trailer, Chris Pratt, and it seems pretty funny too…but despite all that I just can’t bring myself to care about this at all.

Glenn Criddle: Well it looks fun enough for a CGI fuelled action blockbuster. Actually some of the CGI looks fantastic but as nice as it may look there’s not a lot to go on from this. Going by what little there is here it looks fine enough and possibly a fun 90-120 mins. Full disclosure…. I know nothing about the source material so I haven’t got that disappointment to worry about and because of that I’m not bothered in the slightest about its fidelity to the pointless details andstuff that some are most certainly going to be whinging about. Meh, I may go catch it, seems okay though I’m not exactly busting a gut to see it.

Martha Page: Ummmm I wanted to see this for the cute raccoon then he grabs his crotch and now I am completely not in to this at all!!!! I like my woodland creatures cute and cuddle not brash and nasty. There is only one exception to this rule and that is the critters from the south park….Hail Satan

Nuttawut Permphithak: This trailer sums up modern “technique” of editing trailer: quick cuts, repeatedly fade to black (so if this trailer is playing when you find a seat in theater, screw you!), and, just like last week, there’s a sound of someone’s sports car’s engine is about to die. According to this trailer, there are LOTS of broken sports cars in space.

BTW, this is going to be a fun movie….that I won’t watch. Why? I don’t like The Avengers and I think there are too many superheroes movies nowadays. Hell, they should remake Howard The Duck. If they have no idea how to remake it, ask me.

William Wright: I’ll admit, I have never read any of these books, but I am pumped to watch this movie. I like the cast, the director, the soundtrack and I have laughed at jokes in all the trailers, and everything else I see is getting me hyped to watch this. If it is awesome, then it is a must in my DVD collection. If it sucks, then I am the sucker.

Charley McMullen: As against my better judgment as it feels, I think this looks awesome and I really would like to see it. Guardians of the Galaxy in comic book form always looked, at least to me, as close to Heavy Metal as Marvel Comics was likely to get. Rocket Raccoon is what Marvel had instead of Lobo the Bounty Hunter. I liked the smart ass attitude of the comic, and James Gunn is the perfect person to translate that to the screen, because that’s basically what he’s been doing for the past 20 years since Tromeo & Juliet was made. He is a good director and a better writer whose sense of humor I get. All one needs to do is to watch The Specials, which James Gunn wrote in 2000, to see that there is a gold mine of humor in the superhero genre that everyone else seems to be missing. Of course I would have cast Nathan Fillion instead of Chris Pratt, which is nothing against Pratt -who I enjoy very much on Parks & Recreation- it’s just that he looks a lot like he’s doing a Richard Castle impression throughout this whole trailer, so why not just go with the guy who played Richard Castle? That’s my only beef. I’ve been waiting for a comic book movie to not look like it’s taking itself way too seriously for it’s own good, and this is it.

mister X: it’s marvel-they at least try

and it’s james gunn…we KNOW he’s a geek

and it has a cameo by THIS guy:


Justin Widerski: My enthusiasm for all super-hero movies has slowly disappeared as I’ve realized that they’re all pretty mediocre and the same mash of cliches that most blockbusters are. Guardians of the Galaxy certainly has its comedic spin going for it, but a handful of fun characters don’t change an otherwise predictable story. I’ll see it someday, but for now I’ll let my cynical side win on this one.

Chris Ranta: All I have to say is… FUCK YES!!! This looks incredible! Every single trailer for this movie never fails to put a huge grin on my face! The cast looks fantastic, especially Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper! The jokes so far are spot on, the action looks great! Oh my god, this looks so awesome! I adore James Gunn as a director. Super is one of my favourites of all time and Slither is just fantastic. He knows how to balance humour, characters, plot and action so well and I can’t wait to see this Thursday night (July 31, so by the time this is up, I’ll have seen it and may review it). This could be Marvel’s best film by far!

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