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Movies for the Week of December 5th, 2014

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o-TOP-FIVE-POSTER-570Alex Jowski: I haven’t seen Chris Rock in a movie for awhile, not since Madagascar 3 and that really wasn’t a Chris Rock movie. I think the last Chris Rock movie I watched was that one where he died and came back as a fat white guy; I can’t remember what it was called nor do I feel like looking up what it was. This movie doesn’t seem that interesting to me really. A famous comedian is the subject of a documentary during his wedding. There’s not enough of a hook her for me to want to see what happens.

Mike White: Looks like Chris Rock is getting introspective. Looks like he’s not enjoying the spotlight anymore in this film about fame where I’m guessing he’s constantly making Top Five lists. I really could not care less.

Caroline Madden: Honestly, I think this looks really a really promising satire on the film industry, a celebrity’s image in the media, and the transition for comedic actors to drama. It looks like it has some really solid laughs and smart writing from Chris Rock.

Alexander Hutt: Directed and written by and starring Chris Rock huh? The main character is an actor known for comedy trying to do serious roles huh? Sounds like Rock wanted to send a “subtle” message while putting out a new flick. From the trailer it doesn’t look like it’s going to delve too deep into the trappings of being a comedian. Likely it’s more of a feel good film mixed in with some drama and romance. You can already tell that Rosario Dawson will round out the love triangle with Rock and Gabrielle Union. I’m going to skip out on this one. One thing of note though – there appears to be an Opie and Anthony cameo somewhere in the mix. Also – I missed the joke in the stinger. Was it because the place had clothes hangers? Huh?

William Wright: So Chris Rock mixed together elements of Funny People and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins into a “let a clown be serious” story. Ok, I am 50/50 on this movie; mostly because I enjoy stories about media. But I also didn’t find a lot of jokes in the trailer to be very funny. I like Chris Rock, but I am not very hyped to see this one.

Charley McMullen: Even though I Think I Love My Wife was heavy-handed and little more than a different wrapper for Chris Rock’s marriage material, it did give a glimmer into what he can do with a story about adult problems. 2 Days in New York was another Chris Rock movie that shows how much he cares about real life emotional shit on an intellectual level. Having watched both of those recently, I’m so fucking ready for this. However, I’m only willing to take it as seriously as the movie takes itself, and I noticed a few red flags in that regard. Passing Hammy The Bear off as a movie that would actually be made, for example. That makes the story look way too broad to connect with. The characterization of his fiance (who looks like Gabrielle Union with red hair for some reason) is another red flag that seems to amplify the point that she’s not so much a character, but more of a plot device to make sure the audience is on his side when he leaves her for Rosario Dawson. Call it a hunch. It’s never a good thing for a movie to take itself so seriously that it becomes self-important, but at least one foot in reality would be appreciated. This looks predictable, but well worth a one-time viewing for the supporting performances from Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones and Cedric The Entertainer. It looks good, but not great.

Chris Ranta: Of all of Adam Sandler’s friends he’s recruited over the years, I really like Chris Rock the most. His two TV shows were really funny to me and I quite enjoy his stand-up for the most part. This film looks like everything I would expect from him and more. The cast looks great and they seem like they’re having a great time, the jokes are punchy and well written in this trailer and the tonal direction is solid. Out of the three films he’s directed, this looks like his most solid, personal work that could be easily one of the best of the year. I have a lot of high hopes for this one.

Nuttawut Permphithak: They should have just called it “Will Smith: The Movie” since his life somehow reminds me of him. Plus, a blatant product placement for SiriusXM? Well, that’s another topic here. Number one, it’s a huge turn-off to an audience who watches trailer since it looks more like we’re about to watch ANOTHER blatant commercial here. And number two? Oh, boy…don’t even get me started about a satellite radio company that fired famous radio host for controversial tweet…that has no racial slur at all.

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    December 2, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    interesting to see everyone’s opinions on the Hobbit – I did not expect to be the harshest on the trailer.

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