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Movies for the Week of July 25th, 2014

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Alex Jowski: “We’ve put a package in your lower tummy.” Oh, is that the medical term for that? The lower tummy?

This looks fucking stupid. It makes it seem like our heads are stuffed with a big lump of dead matter of which we only use 10% while the other 90% just sits there useless. This is not the case. We actually use that whole lump of grey matter. Only a portion of it is used for cognizant thought while the rest of it takes care of involuntary actions. I can’t buy this movie’s premise. Then Lucy is able to do all these amazing things simply because she has a super brain. It all seems so laughably bad that I can’t get into it at all.

Also. I’m just not a big fan of Luc Besson. Leon is a goddamn masterpiece but his other stuff. I really cannot stand The Fifth Element.

Caroline Madden: ScarJo looks great, and it’s great to see something else with a female lead this summer. The plot seems both original and kind of dumb at the same time, so it could just end up being a mindless fun sci-fi flick.

Glenn Criddle: Errrrr….yeah… It’s a pretty outrageous a concept and the concept of brain enhancing drugs was done with Limitless to similar effect though it seems to have been taken to the nth degree here. I find the idea simultaneously stupid and interesting for some reason but I think the treatment of it here leans heavily towards the former with more woo than a witch doctor (or new age medicine fanatic) could wave a pot of homeopathic sugar pills at. That said, yeah it’s very silly and over the top but it looks like it could provide some eye candy and pass the run time fine enough… So long as you can shut off the reasonable side of your mind for a couple of hours.

Martha Page: Interesting concept I like the whole she is gonna use all of her brain. But it kind feels like all the action is gonna be very Salt like. I like that chick but I usually don’t watch her movies but Morgan Freeman is in it too and I love watching his movies. So looks like I am gonna have to check this one out.

Nuttawut Permphithak: I only remember Scarlett Johansson from Eight Legged Freaks, but, anyway, the film looks like a typical Hollywood sci-fi action flick. I guess the plot goes like this: our hero finds her own superpower, but then she slowly obsesses with it and then it slowly kills her in the end.

I don’t have much to say about the movie, but what’s with that sound in the trailer? It sounds like someone’s sports car’s engine is about to die and this sound appears in most of modern trailers. It’s annoying to me.

William Wright: Not only do I enjoy how trippy the trailer is, I like the idea of Scarlett Johansson becoming an action star. At times it looks like the “Matrix”, but still, it may be good.

Charley McMullen: I’m pretty jazzed about this one. The NBC show Chuck may be an odd thing to compare this to, but I like stories centered around an average person transformed into something more. It makes for a good protagonist. And, it looks like Luc Besson is in top form. Arty action films about violent women might be the only thing he does, but, damnit, that’s his JAM! If this is half as good as The Professional, La Femme Nikita, or The Fifth Element, it’ll be a pretty good goddamn picture! Then, you add to that Morgan Muthafuckin’ Freeman. That’s like a smaller cherry on top of the cherry that was already on top of the sundae made on top of a gigantic third cherry. Thanks to those of you willing to follow me to the end of that metaphor. Sign me up for this one.

mister X: ah, luc besson…

when i saw SUBWAY i thought “nice visuals, meh story’

when i saw LA FEMME NIKITA i thought ‘GREAT visuals, okay story saved by solid performances’

when i saw LEON THE PROFESSIONAL i thought ‘AWESOME visuals, music & performances, functional story with some icky overtones’

and when i saw THE FIFTH ELEMENT i thought ‘hey, it’s HEAVY METAL magazine come to life with all the good n’ bad that entails’…then i stopped paying attention to him

this trailer seems to be from someone who wants to bring THE MATRIX into the real world…and as long as he does it in an entertaining way that doesn’t make my brain scream in revolt it’ll probably be a fun ride…but probably not much more than that

Mike White: I love Luc Besson movies. He writes and produces far more than he directs these days but everything he does bears his mark and that’s all over Lucy.

While the trailer for Lucy tells us everything that happens in the film save the last two minutes, I’m still excited to see it. Excited because of the subject, the presentation, and Scarlett Johansson. I don’t see how someone having 100% of their brain can make them a chameleon and stop bullets but I’m willing to give Lucy my time and money.

Chris Ranta: Luc Besson is 50/50 in my books, he’s done some good films (Léon, La Femme Nikita) and some shit films (Arthur et les Minimoys, The Family), so Lucy could go either way with me. The trailer looks like good fun even though it keeps reminding of how awesome Limitless was and how well it nailed its similar main concept of expanding your brain’s capacity. Despite the comparisons, Lucy looks like it’ll be fine and I’ll probably see it on Friday night just for the hell of it. It has some cool moments in the trailer and Morgan Freeman saying exposition is fantastic. Hell, with all of this talk about Limitless, I’m gonna go buy the movie right now!

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