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Movies for the Week of June 27, 2014

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Glenn Criddle: Another movie with the title Venus in Fur, well okay this one is minus the final ‘S’ that the other have but this makes things just that little bit more confusing. However, I actually like the look of this. I like that it’s so small but seems to make good use of the ambiance of a decrepit theatre, the lighting and sets look incredible, the two actors seem great and the story is quite intriguing. Although it’s been done many times before I love stories that blur the lines of reality and fantasy, the possibilities of mind games between the characters is quite exciting when we have this. I’d love to see this and considering how much I hated the last Roman Polanski film I saw that’s quite a refreshing and surprising thing for me.

Nuttawut Permphithak: First off, we have French artsy-drama here. But before we get into details, I notice that lots of YouTubers react to this movie negatively because the director raped a child once. I hate rapists, pedophilia, etc., but, here, we should focus on the movie itself instead of the director himself so there’s no rape joke here….at least in my section.

It looks like the film is going to tell us the story of lust, envy, and those sort of things inside human. I’m not going to watch it for sure, but I have to praise the trailer since it speaks to art-film lovers pretty well.

Mike White:Not to be confused with Venus in Furs, there must only be one fur here.

Roman Polanski has a knack for casting gorgeous ladies and schlubby men in his films. This is no exception. Much like his Knife in the Water and Death and the Maiden, this is another Polanski that’s set in one place, however, there are only the two characters here rather than the three of the aforementioned films (or four of Carnage). I’ve not yet seen this film (though I’ve had a copy for a few months) and this preview isn’t making me want to rush out and give it an hour and a half of my time, despite the lovely Emmanuelle Seigner.

Caroline Madden: The play is sexy, funny, and smart with a meta-narriative. But something about the trailer seems off. The play takes place in modern New York City, Polanski seems to have changed it to France. The female lead seems to be missing the youthful quirkiness humor of what Nina Arianda brought (she won the Tony for the play) Polanski’s wife seems to be bringing something different. I was excited hearing that the play was being adapted, but I’m not sure how the changes will be or if I’m entirely sold on the trailer. I’d give it a chance though, because I enjoy Polanski’s work, and sometimes changes in adaptations be better than you think.

Alex Jowski: I stopped watching this trailer as soon as it informed me it was a Roman Polanski film – I suppose the same way that registered sex offenders are legally obligated to inform their neighbors of what they’ve done.

William Wright: Hard to tell if I should take this trailer seriously or not. The tone seems to be really all over the place and it is shot like he is trying to be Tim Burton. So maybe, I don’t know. Doesn’t help that they don’t play any Velvet Underground ether.

Justin Widerski: There are a couple of things that caught my eye and I presume will catch the others’ as well: 1. Narration in a trailer, which is a truly rare occurrence these days unfortunately. 2. Roman Polanski directed this, which is surprising for me at least because I thought he was dead. 3. This movie takes place all in one room. A rarity in cinema and tricky to pull off. This looks interesting, mostly due to the concept, but without strong performers it could easily be one of the most boring films you’ve ever seen.

Charley McMullen: A movie directed by Roman Polanski about a director making inappropriate sexual advances towards a young woman. I will give you guys the benefit of the doubt and not say anything else. Pass.

mister X: FUCK roman polanski…i’m not analyzing this and here’s WHY:

Mistress J: Whenever I see a subbed trailer for Trailer Park, the first thought I have anymore is, “Whelp, Martha’s out.” ;) I have nothing against movie renditions of plays. I rather enjoy most of them. That being said, I’m not a fan of “bottle movies”. I’m sure it may work better as a stage play, than a movie.

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  • Mistress J
    Mistress J
    June 27, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Anyone else think the pic for Tammy (halved up on the Trailer Park main pic) KINDA looks like a slightly heavier Candace Cameron? (DJ from Full House). But that’s neither here nor there, just first thing that popped in my mind.

    Ok now, I remember when “The Heat” with Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock came out, there was this big scandal over photoshoping McCarthy to make her “more attractive”. Unless I’m mistaken and she’s lost weight by the time the promos were taken, they did a reeeal photoshop number on this one. –and due to all the hubub in the media trashing her for how she looks, I feel I must qualify my statement and clarify that that is not an ugly or weight crack, it just doesn’t really look like her. Also, more was done to the face than just “contour fixing” for weight. ….and actually, I JUST looked up some more posters, and one in particular I’m POSITIVE they photoshopped her, specifically telling at the chin and neck. So… yea. I feel bad that they do this to her. It’s one thing for posters to “fix blemishes” and smooth some stuff out to a certain degree. I get it, it’s a giant poster picture, as well as ginormous cut outs at theaters. But to change a person’s weight and other features SO drastically, to where it barely looks like them? …I just think it’s wrong. Ok ok, I’ll get off my soap box now. ;P

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