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Movies for the Week of March 28th, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Dom Hemingway
Island of Lemurs: Madagascar
Under the Skin

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

capn-amerMike White: While I wasn’t that thrilled with Iron Man 3 as a follow-up to The Avengers, I have to say that Thor 2 was okay and I’m hoping that Captain America 2 fulfills the promise that Captain America and the Avengers promised. As a character, Captain America was interesting to me as this kind of “man out of time”. Meanwhile, Chris Evans has really impressed me as an actor. He was the only thing I liked in Scott Pilgrim and he was terrific in The Losers (a very underrated film, IMHO). All that said, I’m stoked to see this one, even if (or because of) I’ve never heard of The Winter Soldier other than in the 1972 documentary about the Winter Soldier investigations.

Glenn Criddle: Despite the tendency towards the individual Marvel hero stories to be more of an extended trailer for the next Avengers movie I have to admit I’ve enjoyed most of them and most surprising of all was Captain America which frankly always struck me as being an incredibly dull and jingoistic character at best. Going by this trailer I’m quite looking forward to this. There seems to be some character development which is good and plenty of the expected action, yeah, why the hell not. I’m game to go see this.

Josh Hadley: I soooo don’t give a shit about this movie, or of any of the movies in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” really. This looks to be another CGIgasm with an over-convoluted story that is meant to reach deep but in fact only goes to show it’s utter lack of either creativity or restraint. Captain America looks moronic in that chinstrap helmet too.

Charley McMullen: Meh.  Like the first one, this sequel looks reasonably well-made, but who can really give a fuck at this point?  There is no way in hell a relatively-educated comic fan can get invested in ANY of these stories because there is never any possible chance that the hero won’t emerge victorious, thereby eliminating conflict, suspense, or any reason for the guaranteed sequel that will show up riiight before you forget about this one.  Comic book adaptations jumped the shark right around the time Bryan Singer draped Wolverine in black leather.  If viewed in silhouette, I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference between Capt. America & Falcon,  or Tony Stark & Rhodes, or Thor & whoever… They have ALL looked like the same, boring, by-the-numbers popcorn flicks for people to enjoy the weekend they see it and turn up on home video riiight before they are forgotten completely.  I’ll stick with the source material and pompously correct people when they talk about this movie.  Doin’ a bang-up job, Hollywood!

Martha Page: (Alex Jowski made me sick this week.  So I’ve assigned my husband, Mike Freeman, to be my substitute for the week)
I love that Disney/Marvel has chosen to take their franchise into this dark direction.  A WWII patriot coming to face with the world and the way government works today.  Captain America becomes a wanted man in this movie – it’s going to be exciting and I’m looking forward to it.

Alex Jowski: I enjoyed Captain America but I think I’m going to enjoy this one a whole lot more.  Captain America turns from a confused man-lost-in-time with a pure heart into a true badass.  Granted there is a bit of Richard Kimble framed by the one-armed-man vibe going on here – this is less The Fugitive and more AWESOME!

mister X: it’s a MARVEL flick so i was already predisposed to give it a shot but then…


lemme put this in perspective-as cool n’ funky as LUKE CAGE was, FALCON was the only superhero who ‘happened to be black’ at a time when that was unheard of

i also used to have one of these:



Dom Hemingway

dom-hemingway-posterMike White: I got really excited when I saw this preview come up. I thought for sure that it was a biopic about the drummer from The Eagles. Alas, it’s movie that feels like Guy Ritchie might have directed before he lost his mind and married Madonna.

With Richard E. Grant in the spotlight, I’m willing to give this one a chance.

Glenn Criddle: This is a little interesting. It’s equal parts fun, clichéd, energetic and daft. Jude Law seems to be chewing the scenery in glorious fashion and it’s good to see Richard E Grant on screen again. Whatever it is this is trying to be it certainly is having a lot of fun doing it and that carries over quite nicely. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen elements of this here and there on a few occasions but honestly after a very dry season for films so far this year I will try and go catch this as it does look genuinely fun with a good twist of British humour.

Josh Hadley: Nope, not doing this… I will not pretend that this did not look like overinflated shit that was so full of itself it nearly came on it’s on face (figuratively speaking). A movie that thinks it’s clever and yet is merely pseudo-clever only reinforces the idiocy therein.

Charley McMullen: This is more like it.  Looks as though Jude Law is doing a bizzaro Jason Statham by doing a bunch of shitty movies and THEN a tough guy, East Ender action comedy, and like all the great ones lo these past few years, this one looks like it would hold up to repeated viewings because of the awesome dialogue.  I wouldn’t mind seeing this one.  Having said that, it is a generic title.  By naming a movie after it’s protagonist, they’ve essentially made it The Jude Law Show and less than what it could’ve been with a better title.  Also, when I played Victor Von Frankenstein on stage, I actually had the unfortunate configuration of facial hair that Jude Law is sporting in this movie, and I can tell you there is just no way to have it and not look creepy.  [I assume Jowski is going to insert photographic evidence of me with that beard.  Go ahead; drink it in.  That was no fucking picnic.]


Martha Page: It’s like if Guy Ritchie directed Once Upon a Time in the Midlands.  It’s got the dry British comedy flick mixed a little bit with the gangster flick.  I think it’s going to be a fun movie to watch – even buy to watch every once in a while.

Alex Jowski: The first time I’ve ever seen a trailer for a movie with Jude Law where I’ve said “Yes.  I want to see this.”  And that’s not JUST because he’s naked.  He’s putting in a real great performance.  This movie probably won’t play in the shit-splat town I live in so I’m going to have to wait for the DVD to have all the fun that this movie promises.

mister X: this looks RIGHT up my alley-funny but kinda dark, winking but not totally self-aware…and british

what can i say-i have a soft spot for british crime dramedys (when they work)…and i have always LUVED richard e. grant

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

island of lemursMike White: Chris Rock is back as that chatty zebra in Island of Lemurs: Madagascar. Voiced by a Morgan Freeman impersonator and really well animated (it almost looks like real footage), this is a definite must for folks into that meerkat show from a few years ago. I’m waiting for this series and the Ice Age series to cross over.  I want to see Chris Rock’s zebra facing off against Ray Romano’s mammoth.

Glenn Criddle: I don’t know what it is about this format but I just find the cinematic treatment of documentaries just doesn’t work for me. I think it’s the over produced feel, the need to make it ‘cinematic’ that just seems to make it feel contrived in a way that the docco’s I used to watch didn’t. I suspect the Lion King like soundtrack is probably one of my big sticking points and the fact that so many of this films peers have tried to tie in an anthropomorphised narrative that makes me baulk at the prospect of seeing something like this. This does look pretty straight laced though (other than the ocean voyage of the rodents thing going on there). I can’t see myself going to see this but it is interesting to see that more docco’s are doing the cinema rounds. I can’t damn it, it simply doesn’t grab me and that down to my personal tastes.

Josh Hadley: Two things… at least this is not ANOTHER animated sequel/spin-off of that goddamn film series… and I think Morgan Freeman’s voice made me cum a little.. just a little.

Charley McMullen:  What a fucking relief that was.  I was expecting to have my ear canals humped into submission by Sascha Baron Cohen, Cedric the Entertainer and that motherfucking “I Like to Move It, Move It” song a few dozen times.  Morgan Freeman’s voice SAVED MY LIFE just now!  I like nature documentaries and, when March of the Penguins was out, I was it 3 times because nature documentaries narrated by Morgan Freeman are the best form of relaxation I have for some reason.  A matinee ticket might sound pricey for a nap, but goddamnit, it’s still among the best sleep I’ve ever had.  Plus, this one is about monkeys instead of penguins, which makes it 100% better in terms of subject matter.  I’m glad this trailer was included this week.

Martha Page: An endangered species is an invasive species on the island of Madagascar?  Interesting… but not interesting enough.

Alex Jowski: Lemur dicks.  All over the place – all over the screen.  Just Lemur dicks.  Lemur dicks everywhere.



And this is going to be on an IMAX screen.

mister X: looks like a really cool documentary…despite the fact the whole time it played i heard lisa simpson saying ‘lemur…LEEEE-MURRRRR’ in my head

but it IS time for hollywood to accept that morgan freeman narrating only works now as an intentional cliche

Under the Skin

under-the-skinMike White: This is one where I promised I wouldn’t watch the trailer and ruin the movie for me.  I wanted to walk in cold.  Thanks, Jowsky, for ruining that.  Next thing I know you’ll have me watching the new X-Men 5 trailer.

This is another one from the folks behind Sexy Beast and it features Scarlet Johansson in bra and panties. Do I need to know anything else? I just needed this shot and I was there:


Glenn Criddle: I have no bloody idea what the hell this film is from this trailer. It does look very stylish and I sure the film itself will make much more sense. I kinda get Lynch vibes rather than the Kubrick that the crit in the trailer offers but I’m interested in seeing this. It does look pretty dark and surreal and that’s where my tastes lies. It’d be nice to have a more challenging film to get my teeth into.

Josh Hadley: When your trailer touts “finally an heir to Kubrick” you are treading DANGEROUS ground and frankly courting pretension which to me is an immediate turn off. The film itself? How the fuck would I know since the trailer shows us NOTHING about the characters nor the story… just random images with quotes from critics meant to entice you despite them showing you NOTHING. Also of note is that they only use the good quotes and the honest quotes such as these get kicked away (all real quotes from real critics) “Although Under the Skin screams allegory, it’s hard to see for what.”“It didn’t get under my skin, just on my nerves.” (Irish Independent) or this great one “Viewers willing to embrace a purely visual experience without dramatic, emotional or psychological substance will comprise an ardent cheering section, but the film provides too little for even relatively adventurous specialized audiences to latch on to, spelling a very limited commercial life.” (Hollywood Reporter) If your film is really the “heir to Kubrick” maybe you should put those on there and see if people will still see it as such. Pretentious shitheads piss me off more than anything

Charley McMullen Well, for 2 min. 5 sec, that didn’t convey a fuck of a lot, did it?  I really don’t like the short-sell method of trailer cutting.  It’s trying way too hard to be intriguing by not giving enough -or any at all- of the story to make us want to see this for some reason other than “Well, that’s Scarlett Johansen.  She sure is purty.  Oh, there’s some…black liquid, I suppose.  Hmm…”.  It’s pretentious and ego-driven.  This might even be a decent movie, but I’m tempted to not see it out of spite for this goddamn trailer.

Martha Page: If nobody’s ever heard of your movie you probably shouldn’t make your trailer so vague?  This is a bastard of a Kubrick film, and a bastard cannot be the heir.


I don’t want to see a movie where the director is heralded as “the heir to Kubrick.”  I like Kubrick’s movies because they were Kubrick’s movie.  I don’t want a copy that’s kinda the same.  Hey, how about an original and creative filmmaker.  Wait… there’s a review saying that as well?  Then what the fuck is this?  Is it original or is it a carbon copy of Kubrick? Fuck off, movie.

mister X: felt echoes of michael mann visual aesthetics n’ hints of cronenbergian body horror…and a dark sensuality that doesn’t seem to be presented in a negative light-DEFINITELY plan on catching this one

i will say tho’: the critic quoted as saying ‘we may have found the next kubrick’? cool ya jets, kemosabe-give the guy a few more movies before going THAT route

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