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Movies for the Week of May 9th, 2014

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Justin Widerski: Well it’s nice to see Zach Effron really stepping out of his… comfort zone. Apparently this is Comedy Week here on Trailer Park, and this is a bad start because while this movie looks like it COULD be funny, I’m sure it’ll ultimately amount to bunch of dumb, immature, and nonsensical jokes climaxing in a rather simple and predictable ending. So every other Seth Rogen movie.

Alex Jowski: This actually doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. I have a feeling that the best jokes were the ones in the trailer but I’m eager enough to take that risk and see if that’s the case or not. I’ve liked Zack Efron ever since he completed puberty and found his own style as a comedic actor. Although I don’t think you can actually do that with airbags – that’s a stretch and hopefully the only leap of logic this movie has to offer. Of course in an actual situation like this it is handled by calling the cops EVERY night of the week. I had neighbors like this that partied every night of the week before and I called the cops every night until the landlord evicted them after a few weeks. I can sympathize with the situation these characters are in but I cannot sympathize with their solution or need to feel accepted.

Martha Page: Seth Rogan Seth Rogan Seth Rogan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must see this!~ I lovesssss him!!!

Charley McMullen: Well, I hate people in their 30s who try and impress people in their 20s. That’s just insecure and dumb. Reflexively submitting to a person because they’re a charismatic douchebag is how things like the second Bush administration happen, and the people played by Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen are part of the problem. Trouble is, I also hate fucking fraternaties because the only reason I’m able to see for them to exist is so privileged white kids can go around acting like dicks because they think they’re cool enough to pull it off. The members of a frat look a fuck of a lot like the Nazi youth in Triumph of the Will because they’re willing to hurt people if it will please their master and give them a sense of belonging. They probably think that way because of too many goofy doofuses in their 30s try to impress them all the time. I have no-one to root for in this movie; except maybe for Hannibal Buress. I’m glad he’s getting more movie work. It’s just a shame it has to be in a movie that I’ll likely not see for lack of any characters to give a fuck about.

Mistress J: Hmm… can TOTALLY relate to the noise thing. Pft, I WISH it was a frat, as opposed to what I have to deal with. (ok, maybe not, as I’m sure they wouldn’t let me come to their parties, thus would be more annoying if I’m not participating) ANYWHO, Love almost anything with Seth Rogan, so I’ll give it a go!

mister X: at first i wuz bout to be PISSED that they remade this:
….but it’s just a wacky comedy with rogen and that animated ken doll. looks like the sort of thing i’ll watch with my buddies when we realize we’re too drunk to effectively play poker anymore for the rest of the night

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  • Charley McMullen
    Charley McMullen
    May 10, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Vince Vaughn isn’t even in the movie, Jowski. STAY THE FUCK ON TARGET!!

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