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Movies for the Week of October 17th, 2014

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879e0000c53291ed16f98b2d0dec1424d67dadf7Alex Jowski: I’m sorry but the movie about Brad Pitt and his tank just doesn’t seem that interesting to me. I’ve seen a billion movies about WWII. Okay, maybe not a BILLION but it sure feels that way. What new can you show or tell me about this war that I don’t already know? This movie just looks like yet another cliched war film and I just can’t get too motivated about that.

Alexander Hutt: NOPE NOPE NOPE. War movies have never been my thing and never will be. Even so, I was with the trailer until it got to the “best job I’ve ever had” bit. And the whole “it’s 5 against 300” shit. This is SO an overblown advert for joining the US army. It used to be that I would go see any movie with Logan Lerman in it because he’s goddamn attractive. But not anymore. I’m already gone.

Caroline Madden: Now when Brad Pitt talks about killing Germans, all I can think about is Inglorious Basterds. David Ayer is an awesome director, watch End of Watch and Harsh Times. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with a period piece, his modern-day pieces are known for their harshness and grittiness.

Nuttawut Permphithak: Brad Pitt in another World War II film? Well, it looks pretty interesting, but I think it would be better if they had this guy in the film…

Chris Ranta: First of all, I think this is probably one of the more random ensemble casts I’ve ever seen. Brad Pitt, Shane from ‘The Walking Dead’, Michael Peña, Percy Jackson and Shia “I’m Not Famous Anymore” LaBeouf. That just makes me a little more interested in seeing it. As for the trailer itself, it looks like any other war movie coming out right now. Not a bad thing nor a great thing either. It just looks fine. Brad Pitt seems to be channelling a watered down Aldo Raine, the chemistry between the actors reminds me of ‘The Monuments Men’ and it feels like I’ve seen this before. That said, if it’s anything like ‘Monuments Men’ in execution, which is really the vibe it’s giving me, I’m probably going to enjoy the film, but it won’t be a masterpiece.

William Wright: Brad Pitt with a tank, what more do you want to say. I guess this trailer really isn’t trying to make this movie look different then most war movies, but it isn’t that bad. I can see myself watching this.

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