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Movies for the Week of October 31st, 2014

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Before I Go to Sleep

BIGTS_OneSheet-hiAlex Jowski: Nicole Kidman, eh? In the thriller version of 50 First Dates? Well like 50 First Dates meets Memento.

It’s based on a bestselling novel that I want to read before watching this movie because the story is really intriguing. I’ll see the movie, eventuallly, but I really want to read this book first.

Caroline Madden: Wait…what? I’m so confused. Does she have the same memory loss problem like in 50 First Dates? “Your imagination is filling the gaps of your memory” What? This is so confusing. Is it like Memento but not told backwards? Nicole Kidman does look better than she’s looked in years, though. Looks like a combination of stories we have seen a lot before. It’s based on a book, so perhaps unreliable narration is more interesting reading than watching. (Which was a bit of the case with Gone Girl)

Charley McMullen: For being about amnesia, this fells pretty fucking familiar. Two of my favorite movies are Memento with Guy Pierce and Clean Slate with Dana Carvey. A new movie with a premise that uncannily similar has to try real hard to get me to see it. Casting Nicole Kidman in the lead is a great way to not do that. I enjoy Mark Strong, and I suppose I don’t wish Colin Firth any specific harm, but I’m passing on this one. Based on this trailer, which was about as generic as they come, this concept has already been done way better.

William Wright: Looks interesting, but I am not really compelled to watch this.

Martha Page: As everyone should know, I am not a Kidman fan. She is always the same and it bugs that her acting ability is so over-blown. As for what seems almost like a Memento remake, it doesn’t catch my interest. Not my type of movie. Probably not gonna seen it till the hubs makes me.

Alexander Hutt: If you took the last minute out of the trailer I would still be interested – but you’ve pretty much given it away already. Casting Mark Strong as a shady character is never a good idea – not because he’s a bad actor (he’s not bad), but because it gives away that he’s a villain. It’s like casting Sean Bean in an American movie. I’ve never been a Kidman fan either. Not writing it off completely, but it will fly pretty low on my radar.

Mike Freeman: This movie doesn’t peak my interest and it should given the fact I am all about the thriller genre. I have a bad feeling if this one couldn’t entice me, it’s probably gonna flop pretty hard. The graphics and story have been over done. Just because you threw the old but still fappable Nicole in the flick isn’t enough motivation for me to do more then check it out when it hits Netflix.

mister X: ~koff~MEMENTO~koff~

but seriously, despite that tinge of familiarity, this trailer wasn’t half-bad: well-paced, off-kilter, just enuff unnecessary ~BRAHMM!~ jump-cuts to keep me interested but not annoyed…might check it out one day

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