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Movies for the Week of September 5th, 2014

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A Dolphin Tale 2

dolphin tale 2 posterAlex Jowski: No. They made a sequel to the movie about the dolphin with the prosthetic ass. I didn’t know that movie was popular enough to earn a sequel because this is totally not my sort of thing. My generation had all those Free Wily movies when I was growing up and I hated the few that I saw. This is the same overly-sappy and trying-way-too-hard sentimentalism about aquatic mammals. I mean they name this goddamn dolphin “Hope” because someone says “This dolphin needs hope.” Ugh.

mister X: the title implies there was A DOLPHIN TALE 1 at some point…i was unaware of this

also since it’s based on a true story, why couldn’t be A DOLPH LUNDGREN TALE 2:ELECTRIC DRAGOLOO???

yea…i obviously have NO thoughts on the trailer itself

William Wright: Soo forcibly cute that it makes me feel like I ate some bad tuna.

Caroline Madden: I’m obsessed with animals, so of course I love dolphins and think they are sweet. Is this a great cinematic achievement? No. But it’s wholesome family fun, so whatever. The first one actually has an 82% on RottenTomatoes?? But that ‘joke’ at the end…why are you trying? Morgan Freeman looks dead behind the eyes. “Why am I here?”

Nuttawut Permphithak: Ahhhhh, a heartwarming tale about a kid and a dolphin. This might be another generic family flick for this year, but the trailer somehow brings me weird memories. Like the fact that I can’t believe I saw this show when I was a kid….

Justin Widerski: Morgan Freeman why?! You deserve better then this. Another trite piece of fluff to entertain the masses and reinforce that animals need us to survive. They don’t, but that’s beside the point because look at the pretty dolphin!

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