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Mistress J
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April 4, 2017

Come Play With Me: M.C. Kids

It’s more from the New Year’s Eve Retro Gameathon! The chat mob ruleth & breaks Mistress J’s cherry on the crazy that is M.C. Kids!

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March 1, 2017

Come Play With Me: Aladdin SNES

After spending years away, Mistress J heads back to the streets of Agrabah. From the New Year’s Eve Retro Gameathon, it’s SNES Aladdin!

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February 28, 2017

V Spot -Quicky- Miitomo Photo Error Issue

It seems many are having Miitomo photo issues. IF YOU ARE LINKED to a Nintendo Network Account, delete/reinstall seems to fix this issue. WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT LINKED, or you will LOSE EVERYTHING. From what I can gather, this may have something to do with the Nintendo Network maintenance, as my network miiverse was wonky too there for a while. (I thought maybe I had gotten banned there for a minute, lol).

Initially, I did have an issue trying to reinstall (freak [...]

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February 21, 2017

Come Play With Me: The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Mistress J accepts mister X’s challenge issued for the New Year’s Eve Retro Gameathon, & experiences Bayou Billy for the first time ever!

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November 7, 2016

V Spot -Quicky- Miitomo Announcement

Hey everybody, got a quicky for ya. The previously mentioned update is going into effect November 9th. (See, I told you it wouldn’t be long!). In order to implement, there will be a chunk of time where Miitomo will be down & you won’t be able to access it. The down time will be from 3pm to approximately 9pm. What timezone? We don’t know! It doesn’t say. I checked with a friend of mine who is an hour time difference and his notice cited the same time frame. So, [...]

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November 4, 2016

The V Spot: Miitomo – BIG Changes Coming!

There’s a huge Miitomo update in the works, & it’s comin’ soon! Change can be good or bad, and in my opinion, there’s a little bit of both here. You may have guessed, I’m not going to just regurgitate the list, that’d be boring! As is the usual V Spot flare, I’m gonna give you my 2 cents… sometimes a dime’s worth.

Let’s start things off with the ones that excite me: The ability to hang your favorite images on your [...]

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