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February 28, 2017

V Spot -Quicky- Miitomo Photo Error Issue

It seems many are having Miitomo photo issues. IF YOU ARE LINKED to a Nintendo Network Account, delete/reinstall seems to fix this issue. WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT LINKED, or you will LOSE EVERYTHING. From what I can gather, this may have something to do with the Nintendo Network maintenance, as my network miiverse was wonky too there for a while. (I thought maybe I had gotten banned there for a minute, lol).

Initially, I did have an issue trying to reinstall (freak [...]

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January 11, 2017

mister X’s 2016 YEAR IN RIFFVIEW pt1

As 2017 starts, mister X begins a month by month twitter-look back at tumultuous 2016 finding the fun to be had during a pretty sh*tty year…

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July 15, 2016

Nintendo announces Mini NES Classic

Yesterday morning, Nintendo of America announced via Twitter that the company will be releasing a mini version of their NES console preloaded with 30 classic titles and it will be released in the fall.


This ‘NES Mini Classic’ will use a USB for power,HDMI for output, come with a controller and was specifically designed for contemporary TV’s. The system will cost $59.99 and if you want an extra controller, it’ll be $9.99 each. For those who have a Wii Classic [...]

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April 15, 2016

AMC Thinking of Allowing Texting in Theaters

In an Interview with Variety, AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron had announced some new plans for the theater chain. Along with pans to buy the Carmike theater chain, he also mentioned that he was considering making some theaters safe spaces for texting and other mobile devices.

Less than 4 months ago, Adam Aron became the CEO of AMC Entertainment. In that short amount of time AMC has been developing a buy out of Carmike Cinema Theaters in the hopes of becoming the biggest theater [...]

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