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Amazon to start making films for theatrical release


Amazon Studios, the in-house production studio that creates original series for Amazon’s streaming service Amazon Prime, is to begin producing feature length films for release in movies theaters.

The plan that Amazon has put forward is that Amazon Studios would acquire the licenses to films as well as producing films for release in theatres then 4 to 6 weeks after being released in theatres, the film would debut on Amazon’s streaming service Amazon Prime. Amazon has stated that it hopes to release 12 theatrical releases a year, the first of which will begin later this year. Amazon Studios won two golden globes for their original series ‘Transparent’ this year which may be partially why they are moving towards making big screen movies.

I think Amazon getting involved in the movie-making business is an interesting development and one that shows that how we view entertainment in general and movie in particular, is changing and Amazon is responding to that change. That said, seeing a movie in the theater is an experience that can’t really be replicated at home, so hopefully this may spur some theater chains to innovate and do a better job of enticing people to go see the latest film in theater when it’s fresh instead of waiting 4-6 weeks for it to come out on streaming services.

What do you guys think of Amazon moving into the movie making business; let me know in the comments

Sources: IGN,Time,Reuters

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