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Analogue NT NES/Famicom System Available For Pre-Order

analogue nt

Here is some good news for you retro gamers, the Analogue NT system from Analogue Interactive is now available for pre-order.

The Analogue NT is an aftermarket NES/Famicom system built for use with traditional CRT monitors/TVs as well as more modern TV’s. It does not use emulation to play NES carts but rather the same hardware used on the NES and Famicom, which makes it unique in the retro gaming market. The Analogue NT is made out of a single block of 6061 aluminum alloy which gives the system and smooth and sleek look to it. It was made by Analogue Interactive, a company that is known for the revamping of retro consoles and gaming accessories.

The system costs $499 for the standard or $550 if you want either a Red, Blue, Black and Pink one. While pricey it can play all NES and Famicom games, output in RGB and can use all NES and Famicom controllers and add-ons. It’s a worthwhile investment if you want to play NES or Famicom games on your flat screen TV or if you don’t have a original NES.

Will any of you retro gaming enthusiasts pick this one up? Sound off in the comments.

Sources:  Kotaku ,IGN ,Polygon

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