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Django/Zorro Comic Book to be Released

Quentin Tarantino has announced plans to co-plot a team-up comic book series, staring the title character from “Django Unchained” and the famous pulp hero Zorro. The “blockbuster” book “Django/Zorro” has been given a release date for later this year.

While no story has been leaked, his co-writers have been: Reginald Hudlin, writer of the “Django” comic series based on the film, and Mark Wagner, legendary comic writer who has previously written “Zorro” and “Zorro Rides Again.”

“It was reading his Zorro stories that convinced me what a good idea it was to join these two icons together.” said Quentin Tarantino on Mark Wagner.

No artists have been assigned to the book as of yet, but the book will be co-published by Dynamite and DC Entertainment.

Zorro (Spanish for fox) has been a pop culture icon since 1919 when he was created by Johnson McCulley for pulp magazines. Don Diego de la Vega aka Zorro is a nobleman and swordsman who fights evil in days before the U.S.A owned California. He has since been the subject for a number of comics, movies, and TV series.

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Source: Variety, CBR

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