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Doom co-creator working on new shooter


Doom co-creator John Romero announced that he’s working on a new first person shooter during a podcast for the gaming site Joystiq.

Romeo revealed little about this new project he’s working on, but did say that he is working with a concept artist on possible designs for the main character. Romero was a part of the original team of developers that helped bring the influential PC shooter DOOM to life as well as the force behind Daikatana, which had a lot of hype behind leading up to its’ release back in 2000, but was met with mediocre to vicious reception by both critics and gamers alike. Part of the failure behind Daikatana was that it was delayed a number of times between when development began in 1997 and when it finally released in 2000 which made it somewhat outdated by its release date.

While this is a very early announcement by Romero, hopefully in the months ahead we will get more comprehensive information on this project, what it’s about and possibly a release date. We will just have to wait and see.

Sources: Joystiq,PCWorld,John Romero offiical site,Eurogamer

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