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“Goat Simulator” Coming to Retail in July


The PC indie hit “Goat Simulator” will be coming to North American retail stores this July after Coffee Stain Studios reached a distribution deal for their game with publisher Deep Silver.

Coffee Stain studios was approached by a unknown company to bring the game to retail shelves some time ago, according to Polygon, the developer originally never had any plans for a physical release of Goat Simulator nor felt that such an investment would bring in much in the way of income but found the idea of the box art for their game which would be just a box with a goat face on it, very amusing and this sold them on the idea.

“Goat simulator” will hit North American store shelves in mid-July with the game and the latest content patch which added local multiplayer plus new game modes and goats. “Goat simulator” came out in April for PCs and late June for Mac/linux.

Sources: Joystiq,Polygon,VG247

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  • Adam Snyder
    July 3, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    yes, as a gamer i do love seeing my collection grow over time, mainly ps2 titles, but i do not see the point of re-releasing this into physical stores.My only guess would be to say that you have it.It wont be scarce or anything so the people who will want this will probably be those who don’t have internet.For everyone else it’s just a whatever kind of thing

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