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‘Hollywood Gang’ set to produce live action ‘Robotech’ film


Warner Bros affiliated production team known as the ‘Hollywood Gang’ is backing a live action adaption of the classic 1980’s sci-fi anime series ‘Robotech’

Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are set to produce the film, Michael Gordon, the writer behind the 300 sequel and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra is attached to write. There isn’t a confirmed director though it’s believed that they are serious looking at Andy Muschietti, the director behind ‘Mama’.

“Robotech’ is an influential 1980’s anime sci-fi show that began as a 85 episode TV series and one of the first anime series to get a foothold in the North American market and introduced a generation of North American kids to anime as a medium.

Warner Bros had been trying to adpt ‘Robotech’ since 2007. At that time, Tobey Maguire picked up the rights but it never got off the ground. Maguire joined a long list of filmmakers who had tried and failed to adpt the anime series for the big screen which included Akiva Goldsman, Joby Harold, Gough & Millar, and Lawrence Kasdan.

While I enjoyed the Robotech series and I believe that in the right hands, it could certainly work in a live action adaption (the CGI for the Jaegers in Pacific Rim looked quite good and could work for a Robotech live action film), I am not sure about this adaption under the  current production team & possible director. The caliber of their collective works is mediocre at best and I wish the film had a better writer and director attached.

What do you guys think of Robotech getting a Live Action adption; let me know in the comments.


Source: Deadline,IGN,

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