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Marvel Studios Hires New Directors


                       (Filmmakers Scott Derrickson and Peyton Reed)

For the third phase of their mega-franchise, Marvel Studios has hired two new directors. Their director for the long-developed “Ant-man” movie will be Peyton Reed and filmmaker Scott Derrickson may end up directing a movie based on the master of magic himself: Doctor Strange.

Peyton Reed is best known as the director of movies like “Yes Man” and “The Break-up”. He’s Marvel’s third choice after the studio and Edgar Wright parted ways due to creative differences. Their next choice was Adam McKay, the director of the “Anchorman” movies and “The Other Guys,” however as soon as that news had been released, he had stepped down as director and would instead be helping with script rewrites with the current director. No word yet if they still plan on using any material from Edgar Wright’s script. The cast and release date for the film are still the same.

Ant-man, a.k.a Hank Pym, is a scientist who gains control of sub-atomic particles that he can use to shrink or grow in size. He also can communicate and command various bugs if needed. He is also the partner of The Wasp. Both are founding members of the Avengers in the original 1960s comics.

Scott Derrickson is in talks to direct the “Doctor Strange” film. He is best known for directing “Sinister,” “The Exorcism of Emily Rose,” and the recent remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” His new film “Deliver Us from Evil” is to be released July 2, 2014. No word yet on writers, cast, or a release date for this project.

Doctor Strange is a hero who was once a full-of-himself surgeon who lost the full use of his hands. In an effort to became a doctor again, he traveled the world in search of a being by the name of The Ancient One. Through his teachings, Doctor Strange would in time become the world’s Sorcerer Supreme and defend our world from supernatural and paranormal threats.

What do you think of these choices and does this affect your anticipation of these movies?

Source: Variety Variety

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