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Matt Smith Joins Terminator Reboot Cast


Matt Smith has exited one sci-fi franchise and entered another. Today it was announced that Smith will be joining the cast of the upcoming Terminator reboot playing a new character to the franchise. The character has been described as a “a new character with a strong connection to John Connor”.

Smith is remembered the most for his role as the eleventh incarnation of The Doctor in the hit BBC series Doctor Who. Smith recently departed the series, being replaced by Peter Capaldi, so he could pursue other roles. Smith will be seen in the directorial debut from Ryan Gosling called Lost River which is due out later this year.

Smith will be joining Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clark, playing Sarah Connor, and Zero Dark Thirty actor Jason Clark, playing John Connor. The cast is rounded out with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800. The film is set to be directed by Alan Taylor.

The Terminator series has had its ups and downs over the years. The first two being two fantastic films and the last two films not able to live up to people’s expectations. I for one will give this one a chance just because the cast looks fantastic and I feel they will do a fine job. Are you excited for a new Terminator film or do you think they should finally shut Skynet down once and for all? Leave your comments below!

Source –BBC News

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