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PIXELS Reviews:Red Letter Media Analyzes While Moviebob Rants

Adam Sandler’s PIXELS opened to a disappointing $24 million weekend against a $88 million budget and is currently rated 18% on that tomato site. While this probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows how to breathe air and chew food, as a major film release it does fall under the realm of requiring review and 2 VERY different takes on the movie have been released online.

Red Letter Media’s “Half In The Bag” show spends almost 30 minutes systematically breaking down how PIXELS fails as a comedy specifically and as a film in general. They discuss plot /story structure, the nature of comedy setups, the role of believability in absurd premises, the differences between affectionate vs cynical nostalgia and even acknowledge the (few) moments they thought were effective:

On the other end of the spectrum, former Escapist contributor Moviebob (a man whose obsession with nostalgic videogames is well-documented) decided to channel the pre-2010 ‘rage review’ stylings of NC/AVGN and chose to rant as if this film had come to his home and cooked his children on a George Foreman Grill while he was forced to watch:

A few choice excerpts from this “review”:

“PIXELS isn’t a movie-it’s a motherfucking active crime scene…and the crime is cultural vandalism”

“I didn’t merely hate this movie, I wanted to slowly beat it to death with a whiffle-ball bat…so it’d take longer”

“PIXELS is so bad it requires a new review scale: in lieu of stars, how many fingers should the filmmakers be allowed to KEEP?”

“In summation: Fuck this movie, fuck everyone who made this movie and if you pay money to watch this movie-fuck you too”

…because implying physical harm come to the filmmakers and insulting the general public that paid for something you didn’t like is how a “professional movie critic” in his 30s should behave.

However, Bob knew what he was doing (it’s called “clickbait”, kids) and as of this writing the review is at over 1.5 million views and even caught the attention of The Howard Stern Show (although it’s rather telling that co-host Robin Quivers says of him “…he probably hates everything-it gets him more attention”).

pixels by @rpgworm

PIXELS by @rpgworm

We at Geek Juice have often stated that we prefer not to utilize the ‘anger for anger’s sake’ style of film discussion because 1) we feel its time has come & gone and 2) you really only preach to the lowest-common denominator ‘converted’ when you do so. Shows like “Half In The Bag” demonstrate that you can still get your points across in a humorous fashion without resorting to behavior that is often referred to online as ‘sperging’.

…and RLM (like the MAJORITY of net reviewers out there) don’t force-feed their Patreon link down your throat throughout their work.


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DISCLOSURE:The writer of this article has had confrontational encounters with Moviebob on social media in the past and admits he’s not a fan-therefore this piece does not necessarily reflect the views of Geek Juice Media as a whole.

He also has a Patreon as well…but he’s not a dick about it.

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  • Parsa Hadidi
    August 7, 2015 at 5:09 am

    It still fascinates me that Bob looks at Adam Sandler as a war criminal over this movie because now video games have apparently been oppressed in film ever since Super Mario Bros. It’s only been getting nuttier with this guy as his Genisys review again turns on the fans as if he learned nothing from “Leave Micheal Bay Alone” and then he sees Fant4stic’s biggest failure being not being good enough to push the diversity agenda. This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • MichaelANovelli
    October 24, 2015 at 2:42 am

    My unprofessional diagnosis is that Bob has finally flipped…

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