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Nintendo Creates Program to Share Ad Revenue with Youtubers


Nintendo has created an affiliate program for Youtube users to share ad revenue. This comes in response to the outrage over the company’s crackdown on Let’s Plays, mash-ups and other video content that had any Nintendo audio/video clips in it.

Last year Nintendo issued numerous copyright claims over user-generated content on Youtube that had gameplay clips from various Nintendo titles. Nintendo also made it so that those users whose videos were tagged with a copyright claim could keep their video on the site so long as they ran Nintendo adverts overtop, with the revenue being split between Nintendo and Youtube. That program will continue and the new affiliate program will supplement it. The new affiliate program is seen as a way to resolve the problem over ad revenue from Youtube user-generated videos that have Nintendo audio/video clips in them.

Under this new affiliate program, Nintendo will place their adverts in videos with clips from their titles and split the ad revenue between the game studio, Google and the video creator. However, Nintendo must consent to the video before ad revenue can be shared, according to two translated tweets from Nintendo’s official Japanese twitter account. These changes come after Youtube changed its copyright-detection policy which greatly affected video game content like reviews, blogs and Let’s Plays.

Do you think that this policy will be an effective compromise? Sound off with your thoughts below!
Soruces: Polygon,Joystiq

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  • erni79
    June 7, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Erm do YouTubers get a cut of the added revenue, Nintendo makes with new costumers jumping aboard due to the free advertisement they get by said YouTubers?
    Did not think so^^

    This is still pretty horrible. It’s honestly shameful how Google does not give a damn about freedom of expression or even freedom of market, or just about protecting those who make them so much money on YouTube.

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