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Nintendo developing new console, codenamed ‘NX”

Nintendo has announced they are working on a next-generation gaming console codenamed ‘NX’.

This new system is being developed in conjunction with a new membership service which will bring existing 3DS handhelds, WiiU,’NX’, mobile and PC under one roof.  This new Membership program is slated to roll out later this fall. This new membership program is a part of a broader partnership with Japanese mobile gaming company deNA in which Nintendo will develop new IP’s tailor made for mobile devices.

This is good news, seeing as the WiiU failed to have the impact on the gaming market that Nintendo hoped for after their great success with the Wii, beginning the groundwork for a new console make sense. Added to this fact is that Nintendo has been persuaded to expand to mobile gaming after some time of simply rejecting the idea out of hand is also good to hear/ I’m glad that they are focusing on new IP’s, designed specifically for mobile devices instead of just ports. Hopefully this moves will help Nintendo rebound from some of the bad mistakes they have made this gen. Only time will tell.

What do you guys think of Nintendo announcing a new gaming system and getting into mobile gaming. Let me know in the comments

Sources: Polygon,NBC News

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