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Scarlett Johansson signed on for Ghost in the Shell film


Scarlett Johansson, who has had major roles in several sci-fi films in the past year, has signed on to star in Dreamworks’ live-action adaption of the Ghost in the Shell anime/manga.

The story of Ghost in the Shell follows the adventures of Public Security Section 9, a unit of the Japanese Public Safety Commission that specializes in combating technology related crimes that threaten the national security of Japan.

Rupert Sanders, the director behind ‘Snow white  and the Huntsman’ will helm the film, Bill Wheeler will write the script,Avi Arad and Steven Paul are attached as producers and Mark Sourian is Executive Producer.

Steven Spielberg, who helped found Dreamworks back in 1994, is a big fan of the original anime film and had wanted to get a live action adaption off the ground for some time. With Johansson signed on to star and director and writer locked in, it seems that this adaption will have enough clout behind it to get the ball rolling to start production on the film.

I find Johansson is a good pick for the live action adaption but I wish the studio had at least tried to find a suitable Japanese actress or failing that, Asian actress for the role. It just feels like anytime an anime/manga property is adapted for live-action for North America, studios seem to go for the standard white/Caucasian actor or actors simply based on star power/name alone instead of giving a Japanese/Asian actor/actress a shot at these major roles where they are under-represented.

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What do y’all think of Scarlett Johanssen starting in a GITS movie; Let us know in the comments.

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