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Sony’s “Project Morpheus” coming in 2016
Project Morpheus will be released in the first half of 2016

Project Morpheus will be released in the first half of 2016

Project Morpheus is Sony’s foray into the Virtual Reality market and the current version of Project Morpheus, shown at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference or GDC is a major step up from the first iteration of the headset that Sony debuted at GDC 2014. This current version of the VR headset will have a 5.7 inch OLED(Organic light emitting diode) display which gives the wearer 100 degree field of view plus allows for image rendering of 120 FPS.  Sony has also made the headset less front heavy, redistributing that weight towards the back and includes a screen that slides back and forward to accommodate users with glasses. The headset will have a refresh rate of 120hz and has 9 external LEDs for motion tracking. Sony also claims that Project Morpheus will have very low latency; this would translate to under 18 milliseconds.

Sony’s Project Morpheus is just the latest in a number of gaming VR headsets to be in the works; Valve and HTC are teaming up to bring Vive, an HTC device, powered by Valves Stream VR platform to market. There is also Oculus Rift, which hasn’t launched yet but is making inroads with VR movies as well as a partnership with Samsung with their mobile powered Gear VR headset.

I like the idea of VR and since Sony’s headset takes people who have glasses in to consideration when they made these changes, it is good news for those of us that have glasses that we can still experience what Sony has to offer without having to lessen the experience by taking our glasses off to use the headset. It seems that Virtual reality is on a comeback from the pie in the sky days of the 1990’s. Hopefully, it will do better this time around.

What do you guys think of Project Morpheus, let me know in the comments

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