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Teaser Twosome: ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Fatal Frame’- Update 7/13/14

What do “Fatal Frame” and “Doctor Who” have in common? They both released teasers this past week, of course. “Doctor Who”‘s trailer showed off Peter Capaldi as the 12th doctor in full and also revealed that the show will return August 23 at 8/7 central on BBC America.

Capaldi will be joined by returning companion Jenna Coleman, as Clara Oswald, as well as new addition Samuel Anderson, who plays Danny Pink, one of Clara’s fellow teachers at her school.

Update- 7/13/14
A new trailer has been released, revealing several characters that will appear in the coming series! Sound off below with your analysis of the trailer and the possible stories you think we’ll see in Doctor Who Series 8!

A month and three days after the “Doctor Who” premiere, “Fatal Frame” will be released in Japan. Based off the “Fatal Frame” video game franchise, it will unfortunately be released exclusively there, however a second Hollywood “Fatal Frame” is in the works. This teaser comes after the news of a new “Fatal Frame” game being released for the WiiU in Japan.

“Fatal Frame,” aka “Project Zero” in Japan, is a survival horror video game series that centers around traversing a haunted mansion with a special camera that allows you to take pictures of ghosts in order to defeat them. The series is well known for being one of the most distinctive in the genre.

Of course some of you are excited for this so sound off below!
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