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Female Trouble

Special Guest: Mink Stole

Just in time for International Women’s Day, we’ll be looking at John Waters’s Female Trouble. The 1974 film from the bard of Baltimore stars Divine as Dawn Davenport, a juvenile delinquent who runs into a fashionable crowd that believes crime increases your beauty. Following the birth of Dawn’s daughter, Taffy (played by Mink Stole), her crazy, criminal ways continue to grow thanks to the flash bulbs and mainlining liquid eyeliner. So, get out your cha-cha heels and enjoy our discussion of the film with its star Mink Stole.

Joining us as special guest co-host is Mars One finalist and Detroit area jam maven Juniper Moore.


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“Female Trouble” – Divine

“Female Trouble” – Mink Stole

“Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun” – Mink Stole

“Female Trouble” – The Melvins

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