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Watermelon Man

Special Guest: Estelle Parsons & Joe Angio

It’s time for the uppity movie.

Jeff Gerber has a problem. He used to be a White insurance salesman. But, now, he’s a Black man. Maybe it was too much soy sauce? Either way, it’s a brand new world for this suburban bigot in Watermelon Man. Join us as we talk about this 1970 satire from Melvin Van Peebles.

Our special guests include Estelle Parsons, the Oscar-winning actress who played “Althea Gerber” and Joe Angio, Director/Producer of How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) – a feature documentary on Melvin Van Peebles.

We’re joined by Bill by Force from Outside the Cinema as we talk about this Melvin Van Peebles joint.

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