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Who Framed/Censored Roger Rabbit

It’s time for another one of Jaimetud’s childhood favorites to get a long overdue, thorough examination. And to give the late Bob Hoskins some well deserved recognition.

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James Sullivan was born in New Orleans, LA. At the age of five his family moved to Marin County, CA where they still live to this day. He attended Redwood High School where he got into stage acting. Then after graduation, he went on to study film at College of Marin. After receiving his Liberal Arts degree, he went to San Francisco State University where he got a BA in Cinema Production. He still lives and works in Marin County to this day.
  • demonknight

    Superb. My first of these. I will certainly watch more.

  • Scott A. McArthur

    This video floored me. Absolutely fantastic. One of the best reviews I’ve seen of, well, anything. Keep up the amazing work.

  • st42nwpt

    Great review! Keep up the good work!

    – Nut

  • vermes

    I don’t know about vision for rule 34. Just knowing comic history is enough check out Tijuana Bibles.

    • James Sullivan

      Tijuana bibles? Huh, learn something new everyday.