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New Zelda Pre-order Start Date, Nintendo Fights Against Scalpers!


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FINALLY something is being done about the jerk face scalpers issue! In a yet to be determined future date, Nintendo will be implementing a system registration process, in accordance with participating stores’ cooperation, to help further cut down on the ever growing scalper problem. I’m assuming they plan to start it when the new Zelda pre-orders go live, but who knows, could be before then. *shrug* ANYWHO, Best Buy and GameStop are reportedly already on board, having in the past put in effect a one maximum pre-order with high demand items like the New 3DS systems & limited edition Majora’s Mask products. The exact details are not finite at this moment, but it’s proposed to work similarly along the lines of website “reward programs”, where serial registration/account sign in is required to pre-order Nintendo products. It’s too early to tell whether this will be something for ALL pre-orders, or just high demand. This will put a damper on those who don’t have a system and just want to pre-order the Amiibo figurines simply because they are kickass Nintendo figs. But as they say, bad apples ruin the bunch, and all… The scalper issue of Nintendo pre-orders & limited edition products has gone beyond out of control. Jerk asses have been buying in bulk and sticking multiple listings up on e-bay & amazon for over double the retail price, even ON the day the pre-order availability has been announced. Products sell out within minutes, making it nearly impossible for actual gamers to get a hold of them, unless you’re lucky enough to be online when the news goes live.

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So, in another attempt to fight back against the scalpers, Nintendo has decided to release pre-order start dates in advance BEFORE the chance to order even goes live, giving us gamers a fighting chance!


“Interesting” all the people who hate on Nintendo, yet I don’t see a scalper epidemic on Halo & Xbox crap. :P Hmm… Gotta love all the butthurt people who were hatin’ on Nintendo, all pissy when Sony/Microsoft got hacked a few months ago. Mwell I never had issues with my system gettin’ hacked! -And to the childish “Well, nobody plays Nintendo cause it sucks” naysayers, the massive amounts of people in each game forum would beg to differ. But eh, I didn’t pay too much mind, as I was busy bein’ balls deep playing my games while their systems were down and they were all bitching about it online.

And now……

Zelda Wii U game

If you haven’t seen anything on the new “Zelda Wii U”, then SHAME ON YOU! Anyway, it’s unclear whether the title will remain “Zelda Wii U” yet, but honestly, I don’t have a problem if it remains such. No one threw a hissy fit at “Super Mario 64”, but all of the sudden it’s a travesty to have the system name on the title? Hell, it’s better than “Twilight Princess”, cause stupid sparklepires have ruined an entire word…. The game is still projected to come out around the holidays (meaning Thanksgiving/Christmas), although there were some GameStop stores overseas reported as saying “coming this spring”. Which, I’m pretty sure is not true.

IMPORTANT: Ok now, before I release the big awaited news, I must IMPLORE you to NOT comment on social media in a nature that would be spoiling the big news of the article – but do feel free to comment below on the page here. Even though the new Zelda won’t be coming out til near the end of the year, it has been announced that pre-orders WILL be available beginning September 1st! As this is waaaay in advance, there is no start time or anything listed, and we all know how things with games change, so who knows. But it’s a start! Hopefully stores don’t start doing reserves for pre-pre-orders. WHAT MADNESS WILL THIS BE?! I do want to say, I really think it’s an awesome idea for Nintendo to implement all this ant-scalper stuff! Unfortunately, none of it is true. Yup, I wish it was, but it’s not. Considering that it’s the first of April, it’s just a moral imperative that I post something of trollish nature. Well, the part about the implementation of one pre-order per customer there was true. Anywho, if it’s any consolation, I made myself sad, as I SO wish all this really would be a thing. Ah well, such is life. I hope you’re not too sore at me, I did work hard on the pics to entertain. However, there will be a new V Spot in the near future with some real exciting gaming news. Emphasis on the “real”… well, and the exciting. Please remember though, don’t go spoilin’ anything on social media commenting under the advertised post about the contents here. You’ll spoil the surprise before anyone even clicks on it! ;) But if you wanna vent at me, feel free to do so in the comments below. See ya soon! Muh ha ha! <3

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