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zlCfzTdp3dA5uUUnJIThe citizens of Inkopolis are throwing a party, & that party’s name is Splatfest! Regular ranked battles will be temporarily halted as players are divided into two teams. For the Americas, players will be choosing which side they want to be on between Cats & Dogs. (Other countries have Team Rice/Bread, or Pop/Rock.)


Due to server issues, Nintendo will be temporarily delaying Splatfest until the matter is resolved. But hey, that just means you have some more time to tweak your gear slot abilities, right? ;) They made this announcement via twitter:

“Unfortunately, a matchmaking issue was discovered in the first Japanese Splatfest that resulted in long wait times… and players unable to join matches. We have been working on a solution but will need a little more time to resolve the issue. In order to ensure that fans have the best possible experience and can enjoy the fun they’ve come to expect from Splatoon.. We have decided to postpone the first North American Splatfest. We’ll have details on a new date soon!”

So, pay no mind to the following sentence below concerning the time span, but the rest of the information is still relevant. And remember: Don’t fear the Squidator… If it inks, you can kill it…  ;)

splatoon squidator




Splatfest takes place from Saturday, 6/20 at 6 AM to Sunday, 6/21 6AM (PDT) Once you go to the billboard in game to commit to a side, you will get a Splatfest T-shirt for the event with 3 unlockable ability slots. (Which you can unlock ahead of time just as with normal gear, so you’ll be all ready to go when the event starts!) You’ll be wearing your team shirt whilst participating in the battles, but you will have to “give it back” when the party’s over. You can’t change your team after you pick, so choose wisely!

team choose

team shirts 2

Splatfest’s rankings are separate from the normal ranked battles, and you will receive Super Sea Snails depending on your rank at the end of the fest. Super Sea Snails can be traded to Spyke for gear enhancements – as opposed to paying out the usual 30,000 a pop. Ah, back alley dealers & their squid pro quo… So, YAY!

spyke snails

We also get a little change of pace, as everything during Splatfest takes place at night! Both levels and the central commons area will be filled with nightlife celebratories and such! It is unclear how often/when future Splatfests will occur, but it is certainly not a “one time only ever” special event. So, if you can’t participate this weekend, don’t get your tentacles in a tangle, there will be more!

night screencaps

If you want a quick preview of Splatfest festivities, here’s a fun little compilation video that highlights the fun! Love ’em or hate ’em, looks like Callie & Marie throw a heck of a party! So, if you haven’t done so yet, choose your team and get to splattin’ & unlock those Splatfest shirt slots!

See ya on the battle fields, and “Stay Fresh!” ;)

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