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S3: Happy Birthday To Me

The top 10 students at Crawford Academy are being bumped off one by one by a killer in their midst. Ginny, hiding a shady secret from her past begins to fear for her life and her mind as the group of rich and privileged kids around her are picked off and there are many suspects from around them and more disturbingly within their own group. Can the Ginny or police stop the killer and save Crawford Academies best and brightest? or will they all be done in by the end of the special day.

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About The Author
The ‘Video Nasties’ was a subject that fascinated Glenn from the time when the scare was going on, those little forbidden video cassettes, the films that promised so much more than they could mostly deliver, and those that sometimes offered so much more. They left an impression and a love for the horror genre that was more permanent than any advertising campaign could have hoped. Since starting and completing ‘The Nasties Review’, a series of video reviews of the DPP 72 on Youtube, this interest has expanded to include writing about a wider range of films including some of the most controversial of today’s horror from around the world. It’s these cult, exploitation, horror and controversial films that he attempts to approach in a more sympathetic and critical light to analyse what they are and what makes them tick.