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December 5, 2015

Hardware – 1990

Been awhile, but here’s a new Antisocial Commentary.  Discussing why I don’t like the 1990 film Hardware.

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June 17, 2015

Modern Nazisploitation and “Iron Sky”

Why had I never seen this movie before? It sat on my “to watch” list for the past year or so, especially since Netflix proudly featured the fact that they have a 115-minute director’s cut exclusive to Netflix. I watched it, finally, and had to wonder aloud why I never had before because this movie is 100% my interests.


Iron Sky is not exactly what one would call “high concept.” It’s an exploitation film with a $10 million budget. [...]

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April 23, 2015

Enjoying “The Stuff”

When discussing Larry Cohen’s Q: The Winged Serpent last week I made mention of his other great film, The Stuff and decided to go ahead and discuss that as well. The Stuff is his 1985 horror film about killer yogurt… or is it ice cream. It’s a movie that defies logic, that’s certain, as its entire premise relies on some characters being as stupid as possible. The result, however, is a film that’s both full fo gripping suspense and delightful [...]

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April 22, 2015

Repo Man (1984): The Analysis


In case you don’t know, Repo Man is one of my all-time favorite movies. The plot is attractive, the soundtrack kicks-ass, and there are many topics to be discussed about. So before we move further, I have to remind you once again that this is NOT a typical-style movie review. I’m not going to tell you the plot of the film or tell you why I love Repo Man. Instead, I’m going to analyse the meaning of this film and topics depicted in this cult [...]

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April 21, 2015

That Awesome Movie Where David Carradine and Shaft Fight a Dragon

How do I keep forgetting that a movie as awesome as Q: The Winged Serpent exists. It’s this Larry Cohen movie where David Carradine and Richard Roundtree are cops out to catch a dragon (or rather a winged serpent but that’s the same thing) whose going around Manhattan biting off people’s heads. They are assisted in this victory by a wacky recovering junkie named Jimmy Quinn (Michael Moriarty). There’s also all this stuff about Aztecs running around [...]

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February 23, 2015

District 9 director to helm new Alien film

Neill Blomkamp, the director behind ‘District 9’ and ‘Elysium’ has been picked by 20th century Fox to helm a new ‘Alien’ film.

This new film will take place some years after ‘Prometheus 2’ which is still in development, Ridley Scott is directing that film and is attached as a producer for Blomkamp’s film. A few month’s back, Blomkamp had released concept art of a then unnamed alien film, he indicated then that this concept art for this ‘alien’ film was just a creative [...]

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