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Andrew Dice Clay: One Night With Dice


“I don’t see how a man can look at a hairy ass and want to bang it. They’re not from this planet, they’re from Faggotron.”

Description on the Hind of the Box: ” Boycotted on SNL. Banned by MTV. Mobbed by sell-out crowds at huge stadium appearances. The “Diceman” – Andrew Dice Clay – has become a comedy phenomenon, the nastiest boy to ever hit the stand-up stage. But it wasn’t always the big time. ONE NIGHT WITH DICE is an uncensored look at his earliest recorded performances. Raw, rowdy, and outrageous, he takes an unsuspecting comedy club audience by storm. See the only recorded performance of his “DICE does Elvis” routine! Hear him working out his best material – his raunchy nursery rhymes… his classic ethnic jabs… his singular views on relationships. And watch the audience go from shock to hilarity to a riotous ovation! So here’s Dice – uncut, unbelievable, and guaranteed to offend!”

This 45 minute recording of ‘The Hoodlum of Humor’ is a concoction of vulgar and profane humor, frivolous nursery rhymes, and improvisation. Andrew “Dice” Clay is a Jewish comedian that is considered one of the most notorious and controversial comedians of all time. One Night With Dice is over the top with offensive humor. I’m blinded to his stand-up history but familiar with his acts on film. Without being educated in the man’s comedic history, it’s impossible for me to compare this act with his others but I am told that this video does not capture the true essence of his comedy. It was very early in his career. The description on the back of the box sums up the event with, “Guaranteed to offend!” Though I did find some of the material distasteful and questioned whether he was a homophobic misogynist, it’s crucial to remember that this is all an act. In retrospect, an act that Dice portrays in arena’s that are often sold out completely. Only a handful of comedians have been able to achieve this task.

Women’s rights activists have challenged Dice and boycotted his appearances. It’s easy to see why with his views on sex and the menstrual cycle. Nora Dunn refused to perform on the same episode of Saturday Night Live and Sinead O’Connor boycotted his appearance. In 1989, MTV banned the Dice man until 2011. Dice claims he is not a misogynist. He mostly talked about sex and there were always women present in the audience having a good time. IT’S A CHARACTER! The real Dice man loves women and doesn’t care who sucks whose dick. The organization “NOW” didn’t know what was going on when they joined forces with female comedian Nora Dunn. Instead of going to Lorne Michaels with concerns, Nora skipped out on the live event and went across the street to create an event that slammed him, all while Dice was doing SNL LIVE! Dunn got the cold shoulder from cast members after that careless stunt. The Diceman’s comedy career came to a halt and the walls around him began to fall until his comeback in HBO’s Entourage. Dice was flat broke but Entourage made light of his situation and fans around the world had his back. After Entourage he seemed to fall once more but the Woody Allen film “Blue Jasmine” was there to pick up the pieces.

Back to One Night With Dice, here are some of the more offensive quotes from the routine regarding gays and bisexuals… “When AIDS finally breaks out all over the country like mildew you got 20 million faggots running around going, “Where can this come from? How can I get this?” How can you get this? It’s very simple. Let me explain this, if you’re walking around with shit on your dick every day you’re bound to pick something up.. You know what I’m saying?” AIDS became a major problem in America during the 80s. Dice made this statement in 1989 and insisted that God was punishing them. However, drug use was another reason for the AIDS epidemic and this is all just an act. “Bisexuals are my favorite. They’re cute, aren’t they? They must get up in the morning and flip a coin…. Heads, I want hair pie. Tails, balls across the nose.” I found this statement slightly amusing as well as his referring to transvestites as “Transvesticles.” His nursery rhymes are not funny to me. I do not find them offensive. I just do not get any comedic relief out of the failed material that seemed to shock the nation and MTV, “”Let me tell you about Mother Goose, I fucked her.” I was beginning to get a little worried because he raps and sings at the opening of his routine for at least twenty minutes. I kept thinking, “Good Lord, he doesn’t sing throughout the film’s entirety, does he?” His wardrobe consists of a black fringe jacket and a red shirt with DICE letters in black. Of course he has his cigarette smoking routine that I fondly remember him by after seeing him in Pretty in Pink, “Love’s a bitch, Duck. Love’s a bitch.” Then we get into his magical impressions of Marlon Brando as a baby, Deniro in Taxi Driver (An impression that falls flat,) Jerry Lewis, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, and a wide-eyed Al Pacino where he rants about tuna fish which I found comical. Eventually, he follows a woman to the restroom because he was offended when the lady (who looks like a school teacher) walks out in the middle of his act. He began to improv when he opened the floor to questions by the audience. One guy tries to insult the Dice Man but is ruined in return. This is all wrapped up with his musical stylings – CC Rider performance with sunglasses.

This is a must see for Dice fans. Dice was in his prime during the late 80s and early 90s. If you’re not easily offended then you should check out One Night With Dice, The Dice Man Cometh, and Dice Rules. Surprisingly, he doesn’t tell Jewish jokes. I know this isn’t horror and I am a feminist but I became intrigued after I viewed this tape. I wanted to know more about the guy and I tried not to judge too harshly. As a feminist, I have to say that I am not entirely offended by his material and I do not believe the guy is a misogynist. This is a family man that sometimes portrays an offensive character. Nothing more, nothing less. I thought his views on the menstrual cycle were rather knee slapping and honest. This Vestron release sits proud on my shelf next to all the other Vestron releases. I found it for a dollar at a flea market.


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    June 6, 2014 at 3:51 am

    i actually recall the DICE wave of the early 90s…and i ALWAYS bought it as an act. that vid u watched is the ‘cash-in’ vid after he blew up (like the richard pryor ‘live n’ smokin’ vid)-if u accepted dice as a satirical character, he worked…til he got too big. i recall his 2nd hbo special when he just ripped elliot gould to shreds…as the cams cut to gould in the audience-at that point he lost me.

    although THE ADVENTURES OF FORD FAIRLANE is still one of my fav ‘how did this get MADE?!?’ movies…

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