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The S.O.V. Blues: Demon Queen

The Mogul cover is a direct rip-off of Nightmare City’s cover.

Nose candy merchant Jesse (Dennis Stewart) is sluggish on his dues to a shaggy-midget, aptly named Izzie (Rick Foster.)  Jesse is about to get a shellacking from the dwarf’s henchman when a violet robbed succubus named Lucinda (Mary Fanaro) comes to his aid. When Lucinda explains that she has nowhere to go, he offers a space in his home to show his gratitude where he then skyrockets to Planet Succubus. The plot is erratic with aimless, zombie-fied victims tearing into skin between scenes.

Distributors would release just about anything back then. What kills me is that Demon Queen has been transferred to Blu-Ray and DVD because they feel they can polish a turd? Who would pay for this? This film should only be worth fifty-cents but hipster VHS collectors are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the tape just so they can brag to their friends. On any occasion where one of said collectors crows to me about having this tape, I promptly cut them short with, “So anyway, how’s your sex life?”


The timing is fleeting (7o minutes) with some scenes stretching longer than they should, timing that’s immersed in clumsily gaffe lines and dialogue that was likely written by a 12-year-old boy. The few advantageous scenes occur in a video store where the owner exerts himself onto an ‘authentic’ couple. To the horror hound owner’s pique, Thriller Video’s banned list ranking, Make Them Die Slowly, was not on the menu. (It is in my house.) The interior shots in the video store were filmed at Fantasy House Records and Video Nashville, Tennessee.

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 11.03.05 PM

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“How about Robert Redford?”

“How about Michael Berryman?”

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The choppy editing is complex with ambiguous lapses by the cast. For instance, there’s a scene where Jess is running from his supplier driving a rusty vanwagon and he casually conks the lid of a trash can? He’s not even attempting to pick it up or use it as defense so I am not entirely sure where this idea came from. There’s also a drawn out dream sequence (Nearly 10 minutes!) where Jess is sucking in between the demon Queen’s boobs? Not sure what’s going on there. The acting reaches a shy level of acceptance from its viewers. Ricky Foster doesn’t seem to know what to do with his hands and gets a little too close for comfort. The demon Queen herself, Mary Fanaro, does little to come across as intimidating. Like all the other actors, her performance falls flat.

Random punk-mullet girl is among the list of random zombie food with nails to the chalk board screams that lasts seconds longer than it should as she witnesses a man cut into ribbons by a VERY persuasive cannibal. The sense of running for her life reaches a minute too late. This is called overacting. She does run into the director’s back yard where she can easily climb over a fence but opts to produce a frozen scream instead. My poor ears. The cannibal/zombie (whatever) attempts to smack her head over a swing-set pole but that clearly fails considering he is blocking her skull with his hand. Nonetheless, mulleted punk girl dies for being an idiot. Her gashing throat is surprisingly effective. The special effects are at the hands of a female named Carole Reed. The effects may be effective but it still looks as if the actors are seizuring.

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Demon Queen director, Donald Farmer, managed to become the King of SOV horror sub-genre following Demon Queen with titles like; Cannibal Hookers, Vampire Cop, Invasion of the Scream Queens, Savage Vengeance, and Red Lips. He’s still soliciting his savorless waste with Chainsaw Cheerleaders, Shark Exorcist, and Grindsploitation. Though his taste for artistic freedom is questionable, there are some hidden gems worth viewing among his credits with his 1992 documentary Invasion of the Scream Queens being at the top of that list.



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