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Ever wonder what it would have been like if the NES had old school 3D capability?  Ok, maybe not, but I am sure you thought about it as a kid. Now imagine a game like Contra in all it’s 8 bit glory, as an FPS. You might chuckle at the idea, but it is actually much cooler than you think. Now, take a few more classic NES games and throw them into the same pot with Contra, let it boil for about ten minutes, and you will start to get the idea.

Now, the first one to say “Well that’s like Wolfenstein” gets punched in the teeth. Not every classic style FPS is a Wolfenstein clone. This is its own charming entity with its own appeal, so just swipe the comparisons from your head if you want to look at this objectively. This game feels like a classic from a console system that never existed, like a gift from the vastness of the multiverse, straight to your PC.

You either hate the look of the game, or you love it. You have to have a soft spot for 8-bit graphics to enjoy this (and I sure as hell do), so if you are some trendy fuck who thinks all games have to look like they were just developed this year, just back away, and maybe I won’t throw a tomato at you through the screen. This game is covered in 1980s goodness so sweet, you may get diabetes, and the doctor just might have to remove that leg of your’s.

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The MUSIC, Holy shit…That is, for me at least, one of the components that gives this game such a classic “should have existed” feel. Every level is filled with a track that might very well get stuck in your head, just as soo many NES game sound tracks did. It is all around Solid, and keeps up the pace without feeling like it is droning on with every loop. It’s awesome, nothing less can be said about it.

The Controls are smooth, and that is coming from a person who is forced at the moment to play all keyboard controls Left-Handed. Everything is with in easy reach, and really my only complaint is that “start”  which is usually “enter” is actually the “spacebar”, while “enter” just seems to do some funky shit with the screen size.

8 Bit Killer  Wideshot 2

This game is pretty fucking hard, it took me five full restarts to finally get to the end of the first full level ( they are broken down into sections, much like Ninja Gaiden on the NES), so do not think that you can just run up and rule the game first time out, it will put you in your place, DO NOT DOUBT THIS! But I have seen a few videos of people running through the game like a champ, so don’t be overly intimidated by it either. No matter what, it’s good fun…Oh, and you only get a few continues with no saves, so buckle the fuck up.

So, are you ready for something a little different that still has a very familiar feel?  You should be, and you damn sure better be thanking Locomalito for giving us yet ANOTHER awesome game with a vintage spin, and of course, if you are reading about it here, it is always Free & Legit.

Get the game from the Creators site HERE!! :


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