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Breaking Bad: Season 5 Episode 14

Most likely the BEST episode of Breaking Bad that has happened yet…. didn’t stop me from riffing my way through the whole thing.


Oh no… Steven Michael Quezada’s character died!  But since he’d been demoted to “special guest appearance” instead of regular cast you kinda knew that was going to happen.

breaking bad 1

“Hey Hank!  I’d make a joke about your balls like I usually do… but I’m dead.”

breaking bad 2

My name is ASAC Schrader. And you can go fuck yourself.”
Well yeah… when a Nazi, drug dealing hit-man is pointing a gun at your head and you’re awaiting the inevitable you’ll say anything to sound badass on your way out.  And yes, I called “Uncle Jack” a Nazi because… he is.

breaking bad 3breaking bad 4Uh oh… It looks like the Matt Damon clone is bothered by this recent turn of events.

breaking bad 5Rian Johnson… the acclaimed director of Brick and Looper.  Also…

breaking bad 6Well… looks like it’s finally time to tell Walt Jr/Flynn that Dad’s a drug dealer, that everything he’s believed for the past 5 seasons has been a lie.

breaking bad 7And when we learn that Hank is most likely dead..

breaking bad 8Walt start’s packing because it’s time to GO!  Shit’s getting real.

breaking bad 9Time to take that trip to Argentina…. oh wait…. that’s “Dexter.”  Getting my shows all mixed up.

breaking bad 10Quick shot of the one character on Breaking Bad who cares NOTHING about what’s going on in the show.

breaking bad 40“NO!  Walt Jr…. there’s no time for more breakfasts!  Go pack.  Get your A1 Day lovin’ ass in there and pack what you need.”

Then Skyler and Walt end up fighting with a butcher knife.

breaking bad 11I know this is an intense scene and all but those pictures on the wall are just hideous.

Walt Jr. intercedes to stop the knife fight.

breaking bad 12Unable to reason with his family, Walt just drives off with the baby.

breaking bad 13“Walt!  No!  You need to take the car seat!  Walt!  Stop!”

Walt takes baby Holly to change her diaper and start talking baby talk to her.

breaking bad 14Holly: “Have an A1 day. Please give this to your car care professional?”
Walt: “Well on your way kid but you really gotta upsell those pine-scented air fresheners. Sell a damn forest of them!”

Then Walt calls Skyler and starts threatening her.

breaking bad 15“I am the one who knocks…. but sometimes I’ll use the phone too, it’s all cool.”

breaking bad 16“You mark my words, Skyler, toe the line…. I mean Hold the line, THAT was my favorite Toto song. Sorry, been a long day.”

And before Walt contacts that guy who sells specific vacuum parts so he can go into hiding, he drops Holly off at a fire department.

breaking bad 17“I wanted to be a fireman too but I can’t reach the pedals.”

I didn’t spoil everything… and as much fun as I had riffing this it was the BEST episode of Breaking Bad yet, constantly suspenseful, very dramatic with powerful performances from the entire cast.  THIS is fucking GREAT television.

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