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Discussing the “Puppet Master” Franchise

When I was 12, I watched a movie late at night on Showtime or Cinemax, one of those movie channels, called Puppet Master 2.  There were the initial elements that snagged  young interes: gore and boobs.  It was still a great horror film, superior to a lot of the other late-night horror fare.  This was also my introduction to Full Moon Entertainment (now called Full Moon Features).  My friends and I spent quite a lot of time and money at video stores, enjoying a lot of what Full Moon had to offer; a key part of their offerings being the Puppet Master franchise.  Throughout Full Moon’s turbulent history, Puppet Master has always been there in some form or another.  Other big Full Moon series have come and gone, such as Trancers or Subspecies for instance, but Puppet Master still persists.  They have new franchises, like Evil Bong and Killjoy, but Puppet Master still remains as a significant trademark.

fullmoon logo

The logo that dominated much of my formative years

I took some time recently to watch all things Puppet Master.  his included re-experiencing some nostalgic classics and seeing them through new eyes, as well as catching up with parts of the series I missed.  This is the introduction to a forthcoming series of articles discussing the (at this time) 10 films in the franchise (Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys does not count).  They’ll be posted, one each day (already written and scheduled to post, so there is no worry about how long this will take).  Being that Puppet Master has been such an integral part of Full Moon, this series of articles relates, in its own way, the history of Charles Band’s company; its up and downs as reflected by its primary product.  1254973-puppet_20master_20wall

The films in this series are:

So… let’s get started… tomorrow

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