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Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS
Year: 1975
Genre: Exploitation
Country: USA/West Germany
Director: Don Edmonds
Stars: Dyanne Thorne

And now we start on the Nazisploitation part of Women in Prison month with the notorious Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS.

ilsa ss 1OMFG!  I thought I knew exploitation but somehow, over all these years, I have let Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS slip past me.  I figured I was familiar enough with the movie, based on some of the things I’d heard about – that it was about an evil female warden at a Nazi camp performing bizarre scientific experiments.  I mean, once you’ve seen Men Behind the Sun you’ve seen ’em all, right?  WRONG!  Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS is a disturbing level of exploitation that really has to be seen to be believed.  I have rarely seen any kind of exploitation film that goes this far, that sinks to such levels of unheard of depravity.  And people said Hostel was torture porn?  After watching Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS I can safely call anyone that felt disturbed by watching Hostel a fucking pussy.

Dyanne Thorne plays Ilsa.  The film starts with her having sex with a guy and he pops off in her just before she has the chance to orgasm.  Ilsa takes a shower, puts on her SS outfit and tells this gentleman: “It’s time to go back to the camp.”  He’s a prisoner at the camp and believed that by having sex with Ilsa he would be able to get out of work detail, to get some sort of preferential treatment.  Ilsa promises him: “You won’t go be returned to the camp the same way.”  No, she castrates him, teases him with his own severed balls that he should have held back and let her cum. Then she lobs off his penis and kills him.  This is only the opening of the movie.

ilsa ss 2More men and women – all of them non-Aryans – are brought into the camp for either scientific experimentation or work details.  For men the work details mostly consist of digging ditches but for the women – gang rape by the guards.  Now I have seen quite a few gang rape scenes in my life, especially during this women in prison month – but this is the first time I’ve actually seen a girl that was fucked TO DEATH.   Still, this fatal gang rape was not the most disturbing thing this movie had to offer.  It certainly ranks in the top bunch of “WTF am I watching” crap this movie throws at you, but there’s a whole hell of a lot more.

By day Ilsa tortures women with a hell of a lot of different means.  Sometimes she’s just pulling off toes, sometimes she’s using shock therapy but all of it serves the Reich’s cause which is… ummm…. Never really determined.  Ilsa DOES manage to prove that women can undergo more pain and suffering than men before they crack but that isn’t the purpose of her research – something she stumbled upon.  When she’s not doing that she has a bunch of naked women whip other naked women to death for no goddamn reason.  This leads me to wonder why she has come to the conclusion that women are able to stand more torture than men when she never tortures me.   Ilsa calls herself a professional with bullshit scientific process like this?  That would be if I decided, randomly that “It is a fact proven by science that coconuts are the best tasting fruit in the world,” with my sole scientific fact being that I like coconuts.

ilsa ss 3By night Ilsa entertains herself by having sex with random men she pulls out of the camp.  None of them satisfy her so she ends up cutting off their balls the next day – cutting off their entire crotch if they give her too much back talk.  However there is an American grouped in with the other prisoners – a guy who fashions himself a Steve Rogers sort of fellow.  He is able to pleasure Ilsa and keep his manhood intact.  He monologues about how he did this – how he found the power within to fight back orgasm for as long as possible – to stay porn star rigid all night long.  He ends up using his superhero power of not cumming in a quest to save the day.  By continuously providing Ilsa with such orgasmic pleasure he is eventually able to control her.  To boss her around, and tie her to a bed.  How this serves the purpose in the fight for democracy is never really clear.  It just does.  Like a porno film, this movie is all about the fucking and very little about the story.

ilsa ss 4General something-or-other comes by the camp to check on Ilsa’s progress.  I really can’t be bothered to remember if this guy even had a name and I’m not gonna skip though this movie again to see what it was.  The imdb page for this movie lists the character’s name as “General” so that is what I will refer to him as.  General is one sick bastard.  He is more fascinated by the fact that all of this torture is awesome and seems not to care about any purpose it serves.  For dinner a naked girl stands on ice cube on the table with a noose around her neck.  Once the ice cube melts, she hangs – this is their dinnertime entertainment.  General is so amazed by Ilsa’s sadism that he begs her to pee on him.  She gives him a golden shower but the look on her face is that of total disgust.  This is pretty out of character for a woman who’s just spent the entire movie mutilating countless women in stomach-churning ways.  She can burn a woman’s tits off but when it comes to pee – that’s what makes her sick?  I just don’t get you Ilsa, nor do I care to.

Finally the Allies arrive to liberate the camp and the prisoners rebel in a VIOLENT final battle.  Violent is in all-caps there for a reason.  There is blood everywhere.  There are naked women and ball-less men with guns just blowing people’s heads off into a mist of pink spray.  Ilsa dies, of course.  She masterminded all this torture, of course her victims are going to make sure karma bites her disturbed ass in the end.  But don’t worry – Ilsa comes back for the sequels!  I don’t know how she comes back, but she does.

Overall, Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS is for only the most dedicated fans of exploitation.  There is some disturbing things in this movie that would turn the casual film viewer away.  The sequels, however.  Well, we’ll get to those next.  Be prepared because the bulk of these movies together make up the Ilsa World Tour.

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