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People Liked “The Ridiculous Six”?

It was a common belief that The Ridiculous Six was one of the worst movies of 2015.  That hasn’t stopped it from being watched – either by the ignorant or the curious.  I was only mildly surprised to see this appear in my facebook feed one evening before going to bed.

ridic 1


Well…. 800 likes and 60 comments later I learned that, while the majority of people think this movie is irredemable shit,  Some people liked it.

ridic 2

“Over the top” comedy you say?  Well, if that top is the bottom of the barrel, then yes.

ridic 3


Yes.  I also give this movie a 10…. On a scale of 1 – 10 trillion.

ridic 4

I don’t understand how Adam Sandler’s income is a seal of quality for The Ridiculous Six. Also, how does he make more money than my whole family combined? What is my family combined with?  If you’re combining my family with Donald Trump or Bill Gates, then certainly there is a greater income than Adam Sandler. You don’t need to add the word “combined” on there since you already said “whole” But that’s just being petty.

ridic 5

But it wasn’t ignored.  You left a comment.  Three comments in fact.

ridic 6

After a huge pile of comments bashing the movie, after it’s outstanding 0% on Rotten Tomatoes… I’m the ONE hater.



Yes, Adam Sandler IS Bad Movie, the same way Adam Sandler IS Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Mr. Deeds.

Though, I was surprised to learn, some people had no choice but to watch The Ridiculous Six.

ridic 8

Which makes me wonder, just how bad is Netflix in Scandanvia?

ridic 9

ridic closing

And on that, I suppose I will shut the fuck up.  If you liked The Ridic ulous Six, whatever.  It’s not tactful for me to make fun of the mentally handicapped anyway.  I’m just happy that they’ve got televisions with Netflix on the short bus.

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