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Rolling Madness

Make no mistake, this is a perfect 3D remake of Marble Madness, hell if you pick the right camera view it looks like a DEAD-ON HD version of the original game, at least the NES version, which is the version I played.  Needless to say, if you liked that game then liking this game will be pretty easy (even for those who are usually disappointed with 3D remakes of classic games)


Playing a classic game from a different perspective


This is a Mouse controlled game, and the Marble control is pretty sweet, especially for anyone who has attempted to run the original Atari arcade game through MAME , which ( at least for me) seemed sluggish on Mouse OR controller .It should be noted that the original arcade version used a rollerball on the cabinet, so a mouse is obviously much closer a peripheral to the original concept than a Controller, but I imagine an analog stick could have a nice feel to it.Camera options are set in the Options Menu , and that is where you can, as I said before, set the Camera to old school Isometric, which makes the game look EXACTLY like the original NES port (you also have a “Pastel” texture option, Which I’m assuming, is how other ports of this game looked). I’m a fan of the “user” camera option myself, It adds a bit of Motion blur around the corners of the screen and sets the camera at a much more centered angle (mouse scroll also zooms the camera in and out) .


The challenge of the original game is there, no question. This is a game that, like the original, has no continues, and each level you carry over your time from the previous level, pushing you to do things in the early levels as quickly as possible. If you become some sort of “marble-ninja” then honestly the game won’t take you that long after you beat it a couple times, but for the rest of us ( at least me) the challenge always remains in the last few levels, no matter how many times you beat it.

Rolling Maddness wide pic
There is not really a whole lot else to say about it, it’s a perfect translation of an older game to a newer system, and it is a DAMN good challenge ! There was a lot of love and work put into this, and i think it was well worth it , especially considering that, as always here, it is completely free.


Get the Game HERE!!:

Rolling Madness case cover

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