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Schoolgirls in Chains

Schoolgirls in Chains aka Abducted
Year: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Exploitation
Director: Donald M. Jones
Stars: Gary Kent, John Parker, Stafford Morgan

Two deranged brothers, who are under the domineering influence of their crazed mother, kidnap young girls and keep them captive in chains in their basement, where they subject them to depraved “games” that often end in torture and murder.

schoolgirls in chains 1Whoever put this movie on a “Best of” list of Women in Prison movies should be killed.  This isn’t a women in prison movie.  There is only one confirmed schoolgirl and there might be chains – but none of these are never in a prison.  You see, there is a significant difference between Women in Prison and Women Imprisoned.  This movie would fall into the later category.  The easiest way to describe Schoolgirls in Chains is thus:  Think what would happen if George and Lenny from Of Mice and Men made a snuff film.  Now imagine if they did it in drag and you have Schoolgirls in Chains.

The movie opens with a song about shapes: triangles and squares to be specific, as we see a bunch of creepy dolls.  I think there is one line in the song about “triangle people.”  What the fuck is a triangle person?  On top of that, the soundtrack lists this song’s title as “One Life to Live.”  How the hell do you get creepy dolls, squares and triangle people out of that title?  You confound me movie, you really do.

The story is about these two brothers, Frank Barrows and his retarded brother John.  They find a girl broken down on the side of the road and offer her a ride.  A really LONG ride that gives the whole movie that bathed-in-manure Manos Hands of Fate feel to it.  It’s looks like the same quality of film, has the same shitty ADR dubbing, its just driving through the middle of goddamn nowhere FOREVER and listening to really bad jazz music.  The only difference between Manos and this film is that something eventually happens in this movie.  Frank and his brother take the girl home to their rape dungeon and toss her down with the others.  One of these girls, Ginger, has been there for two weeks.  The other, Sue, has been there for months and threatens: “Just wait ’till you meet Mama.”  Only one of these girls is actually a “schoolgirl,” as she’s a college student.  Also I don’t think I saw a single chain in the whole mess but it’s kinda hard to make out exactly what’s going on in a movie that was lit solely by a Bic lighter.

schoolgirls in chains 2A quick word about this girl who plays Sue – Merri Lynn Ross.  The imdb trivia page states proudly that this is the film debut of Merri Lynn Ross.  That sentence would imply that she really made something of a career beyond this crappy movie.  Looking at her filmography, however,  it would seem that the highlights of her career are a small part in Class of 1984 and playing a hooker in one episode of Kojack.  Big fucking deal!

The two brothers don’t really do a whole lot with these girls after they’ve dropped them off in the rape dungeon because their overbearing mother won’t let them.  The ONLY time we see Mother is in shadows and we hear her oddly masculine old-lady voice.  Mother’s dead and Frank is just filling her shoes – it’s so goddamn obvious that they’re going with the Psycho route here – way to be goddamn original.  This stupid, contrived writing pissed me off more than anything else.  The twist was easily obvious the second that “mother” opens her “mouth.”  In addition we’re given a flashback where Frank pretty much recaps the whole drama.  And the movie does it’s reveal of this fact as if it’s supposed to be some gigantic twist the audience never saw coming.  The only departure between this movie and Psycho is the fact that Frank and his mother were having an incestuous relationship.  An incestuous relationship the audience is forced to bear through flashback.

schoolgirls in chains 3The real low point of the film?  Well there would be two – and both of them involving the time each of these brothers spends with the girls.  First of all there is the scene where Frank rapes Ginger.  She comes onto him in the hopes of finding freedom – but he just humps the hell out of her and says “Mother says you’re a dirty girl!  Mother says we shouldn’t do this.”  There is a spot where we see a topless Ginger masturbating a fully erect penis.  I only mention this last fact because, according to the imdb trivia page, this scene had to be cut by thirty seconds to avoid an X rating.  I call that tidbit of trivia into question because having a girl stroking a fully erect penis is hardcore porno territory – it would have been X then and it would be beyond NC-17 now.  Of course it does look like she’s stroking a really veiny arm when you first watch the scene – but on rewinding the tape it is clearly a huge cock – a huge R-rated cock.  Apparently this is why mother never wanted to let her son go either – because that really is a FUCKING HUGE member.

schoolgirls in chains 4Then there’s retarded John’s playtime with the girls.  I don’t know if you could really call this rape or even molestation.  He plays doctor with them, sure, but does he is clearly not getting any kind of sexual pleasure out of this.  Of course there is one of John’s little playtimes that had me shouting obscenities at the screen.  John really wants to play doctor with Sue – but Sue is dying of pneumonia.  Ginger, in a bold moment of friendship, encourages John to play doctor with her instead.  He feels her up to listen to her heart and pulls her pants down to give her a jab with a syringe.  As he leaves and Ginger starts putting her broken self together, Sue says to her, and in the cruelest voice possible: “Did you enjoy that?  Yeah, I bet you did.”  YOU FUCKING BITCH!  Ginger just took a bullet for your sick ass and all you can do is call her a whore in so many words.  I was glad when Sue died at the end and even angrier when people actually shed tears over her death.  These fuckin’ people.

This is the last thing I’m going to say about this incompetent and ugly movie.  See this poster for it:

schoolgirls in chains 5Imagine not being able to leave this theater until the end of the movie – forced to sit though this god-awful tale of incest and torture.  This isn’t how you sell tickets – this is how you scare people away from you movie.

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