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The House that Screamed

The House that Screamed 
Year: 1969
Genre: Horror
Director: Narciso Ibanez Serrador
Stars: Lilli Palmer, Christiana Galbo, John Moulder Brown

The next movie on the Pure Terror DVD set is this simple little Spanish-made horror film,The House That Screamed also known as La Residencia and it has, so far, been the best movie on this pack.  I really LOVED this movie, its sense of menace, its story, the great performances.  There’s a little bit of Suspiria in this but that’s not a bad thing – especially combined with a felling of Women in Prison kind of exploitation cinema.

Lilli Palmer stars as the principal of a girl’s boarding school where some children have been disappearing.  She says that they “ran away” but in actuality they’ve been murdered.  Who’s murdering them?  Well, not who you would immediately suspect, and the film is quite good in building to the fantastic twist at the end.  Like I did with Blood Sabbath, I present here a short version of the film to try and show everything great about this movie in less than 3 minutes.

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