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[Announcement] Where’s the new Fast Forward Reviewer articles/audio reviews?

It’s been awhile since I posted my audio review of Rocky 1-4. Many readers/listeners of Fast Forward Reviewers may wonder what happens to my project. Well, here’s a little announcement for you.

For a month, I’ve been working as sales representative in other provinces that are pretty far from my hometown. It’s a fun job, but pretty busy during the high season of sales (which will come sooner or later). But the main problem so far is the fact that I still don’t have notebook computer for working, which means that it’s pretty difficult to write or edit things*. So what am I going to do if I finally get notebook computer?

1) Post another 4 episodes of my audio review

Believe it or not, I have another 4 unreleased episodes of FFS audio review. I recorded these stuffs almost a year ago in case I don’t have enough time to write new materials. This is the appropriate time to release them. What you are about to hear is my review of…

– one of the most controversial music videos from 80’s (that apparently killed a career of that poor singer!)

– “classic” cold war flick from 80’s

– a film from 50’s that everybody knows, but probably only a few has seen it

– a disaster sequel to an action/comedy franchise

And as always, I’ll provide the background of each episode.

2) Write reviews…in a probably different style

It’s pretty sad to tell you guys that there won’t be South Park review for this year due to my inconvenience. How about my usual articles? I may take things in a different direction like reviewing TV commercials, old TV shows from the past, or even public domain films. It depends on time scheduling and my internet connection at a dorm, but I guarantee I’ll review things in short and easy-to-read style so you can decide whether you should watch it or not.


Stay safe and see you later!



* I write this announcement from my PC at home. I’m lucky enough to stay at home for a few days thanks to training program in my hometown, I’ll go back to rural areas in the next few days.

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